‘Alaskan Bush People’: Noah Trains His ‘Warhorse’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown might not have had the most experience with horses out of his siblings, but that didn’t stop him from his goal of forming a relationship with his stallion.

According to Noah, he and his dad were planning to pick up the horse named Prometheus when the wildfires took control of the Northwest. Now that he finally has the stallion on his property, Noah decided to spend a week at the stable to bond with the equine, and hopefully, be able to ride him. Eventually, the youngest Brown brother hoped to make Prometheus his “warhorse,” one he could ride

The Alaskan Bush People star admitted that his methods might not be orthodox, but he would try his bests to listen to his animal’s needs.

Watch what happens below.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Struggles to Saddle His Horse

When Noah began training his horse, he emphasized the importance of gentle introductions. So, he started by interacting with his “medieval weapons” in front of Prometheus. He practiced some swordwork and archery beside his stallion, who only flinched once. Once the Alaskan Bush People star’s stallion became accustomed to the instruments, Noah then moved on to saddling, something he described as much more “invasive.”

Initially, Prometheus seemed tolerant of his new accessories, but when Noah tried to take him for a quick trot around the pen, he began to buck. With a little effort, Noah was able to calm the horse down, but it was clear that earning the stallion’s trust was going to be harder than he expected.

Soon, older brother Gabe came to check on the fledgling Alaskan Bush People rider. Apparently, Gabe was the “horse whisperer” of the family ranch and had a better track record as an equestrian. As he observed how Noah interacted with Prometheus, he pointed out a few mistakes his brother was making. However, he didn’t impose on their training and instead let his younger brother navigate his relationship with the horse.

Noah Successfully Mounts His Warhorse

As the week wore on, the Alaskan Bush People star seemed to lower his expectations for Prometheus’ training. After dodging the horse’s nips and quelling him when he bucks, Noah understood that the best way to earn the horse’s trust was patience. So, he came to the conclusion that Prometheus would tell him when he was ready.

And thankfully, that day came just before Noah would return home to his wife and kids. Perhaps the stallion sensed that Noah finally gave him control of the relationship, or maybe Noah had spent enough time with the horse that he finally felt comfortable with a rider on his back.

Either way, when Noah buckled the saddle and hooked his foot in the stirrup, Prometheus remained still, munching from his hay bag. Sure enough, the Alaskan Bush People star swung his leg around, successfully mounting his warhorse.