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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Mourns the Loss of Family Dog: ‘Love You Forever’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Matthias Bein/picture alliance via Getty Images

When it rains it pours. Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown is taking to social media after the family dog passed away in the newest episode of the show.

It’s never easy to lose a pet. As a matter of fact, it’s common for people to feel as if they have just lost a member of the family. That was most definitely the case for Rain Brown and her family’s beloved dog, Mr. Cupcake.

If you are a fan of Alaskan Bush People, then you can probably recall that the late Billy Brown brought the dog home as a surprise for his kids. Mr. Cupcake was a Belgian Tervuren, a breed of sheepdog known for being extremely smart, protective, and family-oriented. Sounds like the perfect dog for the Alaskan Bush People family, right? That’s because he was. Fans of the hit show also came to love the sweet pup just as the Browns did. In a tribute to Mr. Cupcake, Rain Brown posted a couple of photos and a sweet message.

“Rest in Peace my brother, from the first day to the last day you were everything I wished for and more,” Rain Brown wrote alongside the photos. “It brings me peace to know you are with da now, keeping him safe. Love you forever cupie.”

The news has hit fans of the show hard as well.

“This rips my heart out. I’ve been watching you all from the beginning,” one fan said.

“So sorry. RIP Mr. Cupcake. We love you. You was a wonderful dog,” another person replied.

“Second pic is so beautfiul. Rest in peace,” another user wrote. “Hunting in heaven with your Da…the world is a better place to have known them.”

Rain Brown Named ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Dog

That’s right — Rain Brown was only nine years old when the Brown family brought home Mr. Cupcake. So, you can see why this is hitting her so hard now. Rain will turn 19 next month. Despite being so young at the time, she was the one who named him.

“We had a very close bond. I was nine when I got him,” Rain explained in a new clip from the show. Footage shows Rain and the rest of her family embracing the new pup the very first day he came home to meet the family. As you can probably imagine, emotions are definitely running high for everyone right now.

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