‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Raiven Brown Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

by Amy Myers

Alaskan Bush People stars Raiven and Bear Brown hardly took one step down the aisle together before fans began to wonder when they would bring their next little one into the world.

In the comments of one of Raiven’s wedding photos, a rumor began to spread that the newlyweds were already expecting. Upon further investigation, though, they realized that this was completely false.

“I just wanted to mention that I had read that you were pregnant so I super apologize that I insinuated in a comment section,” the fan told the Alaskan Bush People star in the comments.

Thankfully, Raiven didn’t seem too upset. She responded, “I am not :) haha just a rumor I wouldn’t care if I was but haven’t been blessed with another just yet !” Go here to see Raiven’s photo.

She also addressed the rumors in a more recent post, in which she revealed that pregnancy was actually a touchy subject.

“Just enjoy your family and don’t worry what other people ask. You have a Beautiful family,” one fan advised.

“I enjoy them every day :),” Raiven responded. “but I still think it’s an invasive question and like to spread awareness that it can be a sensitive topic for some.”

The Harrowing Story Behind the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Tot’s Birt

The Alaskan Bush People star’s first pregnancy was anything but easy. River was born prematurely, and Raiven fought to keep him in her belly long enough so that he wouldn’t have too many complications after birth. According to Kassy Michelle, Raiven’s mother, River tried to come out two weeks before Raiven actually went into labor. Regardless of the effects on her own body, the young mother wanted to be sure her baby was safe to the best of her ability.

Once Raiven and River were recovering from the birth, the Alaskan Bush People star’s mother explained just how mentally and physically traumatic the experience was for her daughter.

“She hasn’t slept for days,” Michelle told In Touch back in 2020. “She still has staples. … She’s literally sitting beside his little incubator around the clock, just waiting for improvements.” 

The Alaskan Bush People star underwent a C-section and was in severe pain afterward.

“River is her only concern at this point,” Michelle continued. “This is a lot for a single mother to take in. She spent two months in the hospital before this trying to keep him in until 34 weeks. She literally risked her life to have this baby.”

Following the procedure, the newborn had trouble breathing. So, the doctors had to hook little River up to some tubes to help his body circulate oxygen.

Thankfully, both River and Raiven are healthy and happy now, and the tot will even be celebrating his second birthday on March 9.