‘Alaskan Bush People’: Raiven Brown Can’t Believe Her Son Is ‘Already Almost Two’ in Sweet Pics

by Amy Myers

In just a few weeks, little Alaskan Bush People star, River Brown, will be turning two, and just like every parent, Raiven and Bear can’t believe how fast time has passed already.

River came along on March 9, 2020, just two days before the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic. Shortly after his birth, the little Alaskan Bush People star struggled to breathe, so doctors placed him in an incubator. Meanwhile, Raiven was recovering from her own traumatic experiences with the pregnancy. Despite the harrowing hardships both mother and son faced, both prevailed and are stronger and happier than ever.

Now that her son’s close to his next milestone, Raiven is making sure to cherish each little moment – even trips to the department store. Recently, the little family traveled from their temporary home near North Star Ranch to the store. While browsing through the aisles, the young mom took a few photos of her excitable toddler as he wiggled in the shopping cart seat and gawked at all of the toys.

“How is he already almost two,” the Alaskan Bush People mom wrote in the caption of her post. “River loves going to the store! Although it’s a pretty long drive which he doesn’t like as much haha.”

See the photos here.

According to Raiven’s responses in the comments, River came home with a Yoda stuffed animal. Despite all the excitement, it isn’t likely that the tot fell asleep on the hour-long trip home.

The Alaskan Bushs People mom told fans, “he very rarely falls asleep in the car he has a ton of energy he’s hard to get to sleep in general.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Explains Family’s Living Situation

Besides their son’s upcoming birthday, Raiven and Bear have even more exciting developments in the near future. Previously, Raiven spoke to the Alaskan Bush People parents’ plans for their new house. Apparently, she, Bear and River are getting ready to live at North Star Ranch full time.

“When bear and I [were] together we stayed in the trailer or a house,” she told fans in the comments of a past Instagram post. “Now that we are married we are starting the process to get our house built up mountain. We will be up mountain full time in the next few weeks in something temporary until it’s built.”

Her followers seemed to understand Raiven’s hesitation to live in Bear’s trailer. However, the Alaskan Bush People star clarified that if her now-husband’s trailer had a few improvements, she would have been happy to live there, too.

“I would if they had proper insulation and [were] fixed up a bit,” Raiven explained.

Hopefully, she’ll post new photos of the family together at their new home soon.