‘Alaskan Bush People’: Relive the First Time Bird Hunts in Washington

by Halle Ames

Relive when Bird, one of Billy Brown’s children on Alaskan Bush People, attempts to hunt for the first time in Washington.

The Alaskan Bush People are all about living off the land. This means the family survives by hunting their own food and creating their own shelter.

Bird Brown Faces Challenges of New Environment

When the family packed their bags and moved to Washington, the Browns were faced with a whole new environment they had to learn. The Alaskan Bush People moved to the lower 48 so Ami, the family matriarch could undergo treatment for her lung cancer.

“Moving to Washington in itself is a challenge,” says Bird. “The hunting part of being here is, as well, challenging because it’s things I’ve never hunted. It’s things I don’t know anything about. One thing that I’ve definitely learned is you have to adapt. I’m having to adapt to the land and the heat and the other animals I’m not used to. I guess like you would anywhere.”

The clip cuts to Bird, covered in a thick layer of mud, searching the woods for her prey.

“I traveled a pretty good ways,” whispers Bird Brown as she crouches on the ground. “I’m going to try and do a bit more calling, see if they’re around here. There’s no tree coverage.”

She starts sounding her turkey call, hoping that one will take the bait.

“One thing when you are hunting, it’s like, no matter what you’re hunting, you want to stay covered,” states the experienced hunter. “You want to stay in the trees. But here, the trees are so far apart, and there’s just not much coverage. I just try and go from cover to cover even if there are some spots that I’m out in the open, which I hate, but what can you do?”

The Alaskan Bush People member leaves the woods empty-handed. So we hope the rest of the Brown family didn’t depend on her for dinner because they may get a bit hungry.

Alaskan Bush People Moments

Bird is one of Billy and Ami’s seven children. Billy Brown died from a seizure in February at 68 years old.

The father-daughter duo was very close.

During an Alaskan Bush People tribute episode, called “‘The Legacy of Billy Brown,’ Billy Brown’s children gathered in front of the camera to share memories and favorite moments of their father. For Bird Brown, she will always remember her father’s gift as a storyteller. Billy Brown would gather the family together and read to them. These memories have been on Bird’s mind lately. She said her father sat her and her siblings down to share stories from his childhood.”