‘Alaskan Bush People’: Relive Gabe Brown’s Choice to Build a Fence in the Snow Before Seeing Birth of His Child

by Madison Miller

As of now, fans of “Alaskan Bush People” on Discovery Channel have 12 different seasons they can binge-watch. There is still no news on whether or not the next season will premiere following the death of the family’s patriarch Billy Brown in February.

The season has supposedly already been filmed, at least according to cast-member Bear Brown’s Instagram page.

Until news of more episodes is released, fans can relive some of the family’s most heartwarming and memorable moments since the show’s start in 2014.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Gabe Brown Moment

In one episode of the show filmed in 2019, the Brown family is prepping their seven-mile access road before cement trucks arrive. There is an incoming storm that will make it impossible for anyone to travel.

However, the family is in dire need of cement for a project. If these trucks don’t feel safe on the narrow and dangerous roads then they will turn around. Then the family of “Alaskan Bush People” will be delayed in building their home.

The cement being poured is an essential part of being able to continue constructing their home during all the upcoming seasons. A few days after pouring the cement, Gabe takes his horse, Diego, on a ride to start setting up a barbed-wire fence.

He had been working on learning to ride the horse for a bit. Now the family can utilize him like another member of the family.

“I feel like a cowboy … we’re just riding like two lone cowboys in the West, even though we’re more in the North,” Gabe said.

Shortly after finally getting a feel for being a horse-rider, Gabe is packing up to see the birth of his child. Gabe and his wife Raquell had a baby girl named Sophie.

In the clip, Gabe says goodbye to his roommates, “the chickens and other farm animals,” and calls this the “end of one chapter of his life.” However, he also notes that the “Wolfpack is growing and so are the memories.”

Extending the Family

In a later episode, the two newlyweds drove back up to the family’s property. They show the rest of the Brown family their child, Sophie, for the first time. Gabe and Raquell met through his sister, Rain. They got married on January 14, 2019.

According to Discovery Channel, there are currently three grandchildren that have been added to the Wolfpack. The youngest son, Noah, and his wife Rhain, had a baby boy in February 2019. Then in May, Gabe and Raquell welcomed Sophie to the family. Most recently, Bear and Raiven had a baby boy named River.

In the previous clip of “Alaskan Bush People,” Billy Brown talks about how he hopes the next generation will take the good aspects from the last generation.

He said he hopes Gabe can take a piece of the legacy of the family and continue it on. Gabe talked fondly about his time in the Alaskan Bush and how he wants his daughter to recognize the territory he grew up in.