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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Remember When the Browns Gave Away Their Boat?

by Halle Ames
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The Alaskan Bush People are all about paying it forward. Relive this moment when they gave away their boat for free.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Talk Business

A video that Discovery posted in August of 2017 highlights the generosity of the Alaskan Bush People. Brown kids Bear, Birdy, and Rain all talk to a family of five about selling them their boat.

“So what exactly are you guys’ plans with the boat if you get it?” asks Bear.

“I want to be more remote,” explains the man looking to buy the boat. “I want to be able to find a place like you guys did here and live a different way of life.”

“Live on it,” states the man’s wife to the Alaskan Bush People.

“I live in Petersburg. Two thousand two hundred people isn’t very many people, but that’s too many people for me,” says the man.

“You sound like us now!” laughs Bear Brown.

The Legacy of the Bush

The video cuts to 22-year-old Birdy Brown. She explains how these people just want the same lifestyle they have. Billy and Ami Brown would like the family to continue the legacy in the bush.

“You know, the family actually does want the Alaska life and the boat and the water and everything,” said Birdy Brown. “They said all these plans they have for the boat like they are going to make it a liveaboard because they don’t have much money for land. So, mom and dad would definitely want us to help an upcoming bush family.”

The three Alaskan Bush People kids look at one another and nod.

Bear Brown tells the young family that they aren’t interested in selling the boat anymore. They have something better in mind.

“I know you’ve come a long way,” says Bear. “We talked amongst ourselves, and we actually decided that we don’t want to sell The Integrity. We’ve decided that we’re going to give her to you, on a handshake, for nothing.”

Bear Brown, who is 30-years-old, reveals the “code of the bush,” which includes generosity.

“There is a code of the bush, so to speak, and it’s one thing that’s always meant a lot to actually everyone that has ever lived in the bush of Alaska. When you have something that can be given away, you shouldn’t sell it. Give it to someone else so that they can also get the use out of it.”

Continuing the Tradition

The Alaskan Bush People recall a moment when a fellow Alaskan paid it forward to them in a similar way. He hopes the other family will continue the tradition.

“The first boast we ever brought, I was a little baby. Dad was given it by a handshake, and that’s one thing we’ve always tried to pass on and to live by, the code of the bush.”

The family was overjoyed by the act and happily walk toward their new home.