‘Alaskan Bush People’: Remembering When Billy Brown’s Kids Put on a Unique Talent Show

by Atlanta Northcutt

Do you remember when the Brown kids treated their parents to a full-blown talent show? The skits brought joy and laughter to the entire Alaskan Bush People clan.

The seven Brown children of Alaskan Bush People decided to treat their parents, Billy and Ami Brown, to a special talent show devised and acted out for the rest of the family’s entertainment.

This particular episode of the hit Discovery Channel TV show brings smiles, laughs, and tears from Billy and Ami Brown. The couple lovingly witnesses as their children not only show off their talents but include a massive amount of humor and happiness into their onstage acts.

The Alaskan Bush People Family Puts On A Show

The kiddos, well those who are older teenagers, brought Billy and Ami into a barn on their property in the Alaskan wilderness. The kind mother of the bunch, Ami, continuously sheds some happy tears as she watches her children perform.

Several of the family members, including daughters Bird and Rain, and sons Gabe, Bam, Bear, and Noah, were ready to provide some comedy, show off special skills, and most importantly, bring joy to the rest of the Wolf-pack.

Finding live entertainment isn’t easy for the Alaskan Bush People, seeing as they are way out from civilization. The kids have figured out a way to bring live performances to the Bush.

“Talent shows are just something that we’ve always liked because a lot of the times we’ll be in the bush with nothing for entertainment, but for ourselves and our imaginations,” says eldest daughter Bird Brown. “It doesn’t matter how much talent you really have. It’s about having fun and making mom and dad laugh.”

The Brown Family’s Children Show Off Their Skills

The now 24-year-old Bird Brown takes the stage to perform a Miss Congeniality move, by playing a variety of crystal glassware. Each glass contains a certain amount of water in order to produce different sounds as they are stroked with a finger in a circular motion on the rim. Just like Sandra Bullock’s character, Gracie Hart, Bird shows some serious musical skills.

The next to walk on-stage in front of his happy and proud parents is the most serious and second-to-oldest son Bam. This is unusual, seeing as Bam is the most serious and mature Brown child.

“Hi. I’ve been kidnapped and thrown out here to perform for you like a monkey,” Bam jokes in a monotone voice.

“We literally had to throw Bam onstage, but he joined the fun,” says Bird. “I expected him to just come backstage, but I’m glad he joined it.”

The very quiet and serious Bam makes a joke about how he’s glad the house is packed. The cameras turn to turkeys and goats hanging out in the barn. Billy and Ami are the only ones actually sitting and watching the show. Bam showcases his love of poetry while reciting famous lines for his parents.

“They like for people to do their passions, so for Bam to get up there and perform poetry lifts their spirit,” says youngest child Rain Brown.

Ami and Billy Brown Enjoy Their Talented Kids

The pure joy felt by both Billy and Ami is undeniable. The two watch their children express what matters most to each of them. The majority of the camera shots of the Brown couple show Ami with tears in her eyes and smiling. After Bam’s performance ends, his mother sweetly says, “Thank you,” while applauding.

“Mom and Dad really like to see our diversity,” says Rain. “The talent show is a really good way to show them the quirky personalities that they spent all of their lives watching run around.”

Gabe takes it to a whole new level as he brings comedy into the mixture. He comes out with a beard made of straw, wearing what looks like a kilt, dancing back-and-forth in a silly way, and yodeling at the top of his lungs. Gabe’s performance causes his parents to crack up laughing.

“Growing up, my parents taught me, and all of us, that you need three things to survive: wood, water, and meat,” says Gabe.”Then they taught me about the fourth: entertainment. Otherwise, you’ll go mad. You can’t flip on the TV. When you live in the bush, this is how we do it.”

The Late Brown Family’s Patriarch Billy Feels Proud

“This show is completely hilarious,” says the late Billy Brown. “Have you ever been to the point where you’ve smiled and laughed so much that your jaws are hurting? I was either swelling with pride because they were doing so good, or I was laughing so hard because it was so funny!”

The bittersweet moment on Alaskan Bush People is one that Billy Brown’s wife, Ami, and their seven children will never forget. These special memories are enough to keep the family feeling joyous. Even if Billy is no longer with them, he’s smiling down on his family too.