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‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rewatch Bear Brown Go Full-On Animalistic at the New Homestead

by Halle Ames
Photo by: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Rewatch this Alaskan Bush People moment when Bear Brown takes after his name and goes full-on animalistic at the family’s new homestead.

In a clip from the Discovery Channel, Bear Brown takes on an animal form as he is tasked with scouting out the new area for the family.

“As the rest of the siblings focus on repairing the road, brother Bear is taking on a different responsibility,” says the narrator.

Bear Brown is crawling around the forest on his hands and knees swiftly like an animal, dodging branches and jumping rocks. He finally stops to examine some dropping, realizing there are deer close by.

“Deer. It’s pretty fresh.”

The Alaskan Bush People star continues his four-legged quest and is examining the forest floor for animal tracks. Bear Brown must get fully into character to complete this task.

“The first thing I do when we ever hit a new piece of property is I scout the area, where the trails of all the animals are going. I like to get up high and just look all around. Here, they have a whole bunch of critters I’ve never seen before. They’re supposed to have like cougars or some kind of giant cats here and all.”

Bear Brown quickly scales a tree. Once at the top, he has a clear view of the surrounding areas. He clutches a seemingly thin branch as he scans his new home.

“Top of the world, ma. There’s nothing like exploring because you don’t know what could be lurking right around the corner.”

Bear Brown Goes Nuts

After descending the tree, Bear Brown goes on a full frenzy mode. He gets the zoomies and starts sprinting around the woods, doing rolls, sliding down snow, and digging with his hands as a dog would do to hide a bone.

With the fresh dirt that he just dug up, Bear Brown begins to rub it on his skin like sunscreen. He calls it his perfume. He throws it up in the air and happily lets it fall on him.

Remind us not to get very close to this man.

“With all the smells that they invent, it’s like cologne and perfume and junk like that. To me, none of it really does beat the smell of the dirt. If I could, I would make my own cologne about that stuff.”

After climbing to a clearing on the top of a hill, viewers are able to see the beautiful area. Forest, lakes, mountains, and hills are showcased in the background as Bear Brown lets out a loud howl.

Cougar Tracks

Back down in the forest, Bear Brown is examining a tree. He wraps around the trunk and is only inches away as he studies the markings.

“I think this might be a cat mark. The spot where a cougar has been scratching, just like a house cat would, such large claws that can leave a deep imprint. Ah! I think there are cougars in these woods!”

The video cuts to trail camera footage at night. A massive cougar crosses the screen.

“It’s really cool to be somewhere where there are animals I know little to nothing about.”

Bear Brown shimmies up a very skinny tree to see if the claw marks continue.

“Yeah, its claw’s marks are all the way up here, too. That is remarkable. I love it, a cat after my own heart.”

Bear starts walking through the woods once again, calling for a cougar, yelling “here kitty, kitty” repeatedly. Honestly, we would put our money on the cougar, so he probably doesn’t want to come face to face with that massive cat.