‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rewatch Billy Brown and Family’s RV Road Trip to Vegas

by Matthew Wilson

The Brown family took a walk on the wild side. In this throwback, the “Alaskan Bush People” left home and hit the streets of Las Vegas.

The Brown family was certainly out of their element. Gone were the forests, trees, and also foilage they were accustomed to. Instead, the family found themselves journeying into a concrete jungle. After all, they don’t call Las Vegas “Sin City” for nothing.

Taking a break from their usual way of living, the Brown family took off across America to Nevada on a road trip. The family traveled in their RV camper with the late Billy Brown at the wheel. The Brown family gawked out the window at the sights and sounds surrounding them.

Las Vegas felt like an amusement park to several of the Brown kids including Bird Brown. With colorful lights and tall buildings, the city can feel that way at times. The Browns seemed a little overwhelmed at times but also enjoyed the experience out to Nevada. Billy Brown described Las Vegas as the exact opposite of their way of living. And the late Brown patriarch wasn’t wrong. The woods of Alaska and Washington were a world away from all the skyscrapers and large quantities of people.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Battle the Heat

But it wouldn’t quite be a family trip without something going wrong. And the Brown family wasn’t ready for how hot Nevada is. After all, the state can see blistering temperatures higher than 100 degrees. At times, the heat can feel like it will melt the paint from your car. Living in the North, the Browns underestimated just how hot it would be.

Additionally, the RV camper’s air conditioner didn’t work. It turned off because the vehicle’s generation overheated. Conditions within the RV quickly became sweltering and more than a little sweaty. The rest of the Browns convinced Bear Brown to leave the thermostat alone for fear of breaking the AC completely.

Ultimately, the heat proved too much for the Brown family. They decided to abandon the RV camper for the night and stopped at the nearest hotel for some much-needed coolness. The Browns always had rough luck on road trips. For instance, the RV camper broke down during one of their adventures. But sometimes, it’s those little moments like that you wish that you could get back. The Brown family probably looks back on their time with Billy Brown fondly and all the memories they had.