‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rhain Brown Can’t Get Enough of ‘Sleeping Babies’ in This Adorable Pic

by Amy Myers

Alaskan Bush People star Rhain Brown is loving motherhood, especially at naptime. The proud mama of two boys can’t help but snap photos of the peacefully snoozing babies, and we can’t blame her.

This week, Rhain has been sharing plenty of photos of her babies while they slept. And today, she posted an adorable shot of her youngest boy, Adam, asleep on her chest with his thumb in his mouth. The sweet tot is already starting to look like his dad, Noah.

“Why are sleeping babies SOOOO cute!!” the Alaskan Bush People mom wondered on Instagram.

Some fans agreed and even offered a few reasons why sleeping babies are so irresistibly adorable.

“So true, I could spend hours watching my 3 months old sleep,” one fan wrote. “They’re so peaceful.”

“So innocent resting warm and safe. I wish I slept like a baby,” another Alaskan Bush People star added.

Noah piggybacked on the snoozing toddler posts, adding a shot of the couple’s oldest son, Elijah, tucked in with his favorite toys.

“How can you tell what characters Eli is currently into?…. He takes them with him for his nap,” Noah shared.

Besides the adorable, blond-haired tot were a stuffed Paw Patrol dog, an Iron Man action figure and a stuffed Spider-Man doll. With all of his favorite TV and movie characters surrounding him, it seems the Alaskan Bush People tot was able to easily drift off to sleep.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Uses Her Instagram to Conduct Social Experiment

While big brother Noah gifted fans with the latest photos of his boys, little sister Rain (that’s Rain with no “h”) decided to use her platform to demonstrate the negative responses that the Alaskan Bush People stars receive.

In her post, she wrote, “today I would like to talk about something serious. I ran a experiment after the response I got after pictures of me at my brothers wedding was posted, so I posted just a normal selfie I took and sent to my friends, obviously it was met with a very different response, the negative comments were raised by 85% let’s think about that for a second.”

The youngest Alaskan Bush People sibling continued, “I have a beautiful life a wonderful family and friends I would die for, I genuinely think I am beautiful and I know I have a good soul and I try to make God proud every day, for me. That’s more than enough. But others may have low self esteem or are lost in that moment, like I have been in the past. Especially when we are talking about things people can’t change such as our body’s, weird is BEAUTIFUL fat is BEAUTIFUL fit is BEAUTIFUL because you are BEAUTIFUL!”

Read the full post below.