‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Announces Firefighters Kept Mountain ‘Safe’ From Approaching Wildfires in New Post

by Jon D. B.

As wildfires continue to ravage the American West, Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown is beyond thankful for the incredible firefighters keeping his family safe.

Bravery doesn’t even begin to cover it. Wildfires have reached biblical proportions in the past few years. But everything would be far worse without the remarkable work of firefighters across the globe.

Currently, California’s Dixie Wildfire continues to burn as the largest in state history. With Bear and his fellow Browns family right around the corner, the Alaskan Bush People alum is expressing his thanks to firefighters whilst providing an update for fans.

“Fortunately the firefighters were able to keep the flames at bay!” Bear begins via Instagram on Monday. “Our mountain is also safe!”

With a stunning yet ominous snapshot of a smoke-filled sunset, the star says “Hopefully fire season is almost over!”

Unfortunately, Bear Brown still has his Instagram set to private, so we can’t share his photo here. We can, however, link you right over to it by clicking here.

“Awesome news! Love the pic reminds me of the cross and rays of hope from the sun through the clouds!” comments Alaskan Bush People fan Robin S. of Bear’s beautiful shot.

“Amazing photo after such great devastation. Goes to show, after great loss there always come great beauty,” echoes Christel. Well said!

Fan Lori B. says “I’m on the other side of the mountains. We have smoke over here from your side. I’m so thankful the ranch is ok. Hopefully, the season is over!”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Surviving Western Wildfires

Last week, Bear’s oldest brother, Matt Brown, also offered an update for concerned fans on his safety. The wildfires are impacting his homestead in Washington state, too, as they are much of the American West.

“Just got back from Loomis a bit ago,” Matt begins his check-in. “Wanted to go and see how close the fire is out there! It’s pretty close… If I’m not mistaken, the wind is blowing it the other way,” he emphasizes. “That’s at least what it looks like from here. I don’t have much actual information about it, but there was a fire map at the Loomis Quick-Stop.”

While Matt hasn’t been forthcoming with his exact location in the past, his latest post does offer fans a sense of where he’s living and working. According to his update, the eldest Alaskan Bush People son is likely homesteading between Loomis and Tonasket in Washington state.

“They’ve been dumping water on it all day… [Sending] up the planes from right over here by the lake. So hopefully they’ve got control of it,” Matt details of the Washington wildfires.

“There was a paper that said they’ve got it 50 or 55% contained,” Matt recalls. Which is better than the wildfires raging in the opposite direction, he says. That blaze is “closer to Tonasket…” Tonasket sits around 25 minutes southeast of Loomis. This paints a stark, harsh picture of how close these fires are burning on both sides of the Alaskan Bush People star.

All our best from Outsider to the Brown family and all others struggling through these harsh times.