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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Drops Bathroom Selfie After Rising Temperatures Forced Him to ‘Come Into Town’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images)

“Way too hot for me!” exclaims Alaskan Bush People‘s self-professed “King of Extreme” over the weekend with his latest Instagram glimpse.

It has been a sweltering start to June for many of us. With temperatures pushing 90 degrees across most of the country, summer finally feels right around the corner. Which it is, as only two weeks remain for spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Then, come June 20’s solstice, summer will reign until September 22.

Yet despite his love for the word, Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear Brown has no love for the “extreme” heat of the season. Why would he? The man was raised in the Alaskan Bush, after all. Well, for the most part…

“Had to come to town for a few days! It was over 90 degrees today! Way too hot for me!!!” Bear posts to Instagram over the weekend. Within, he includes his latest selfie of the classic bathroom variety.

One fan get it, replying cheekily with “The King of extreme can’t handle the extreme heat?!?! 😂 😍”

The reality star is sporting some gloriously retro workout attire, too. And as DJ Trap.A.Holics notes, “I see ya with those 33 patrick Ewing’s 👟!”

Unfortunately, the Alaskan Bush People brother has reset his Instagram to full privacy settings. As such, we can’t embed his latest update here for all to see. What we can do, however, is guide you to his official account here. You can then request to follow Bear Brown and see his latest selfie for yourself.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown Always Brings Out the Skeptics

No Alaskan Bush post would be complete, however, without a healthy dose of skepticism. Such is the case for Bear’s latest. As his latest photo fills up with comments, many of the top liked/rated come with burning questions like:

“Why does it look like the toe of a boot instead of a sneaker? Are your shoes photoshopped?” follower Karin asks.

“His shoes are 33 Patrick Ewing’s they are meant to look that way,” fan Jessi replies of Bear’s sneakers.

One Juicy Susie thinks the shoes, however, have “definitely been photo-shopped – the number 33 on the shoe closest to the door is backwards/flipped…”

Fan Russ fires back with “it’s not photoshop genius…”

What a debate. And then there’s follower Roy, who brings up the ol’ “Hmmm that’s interesting I thought he lived in a shipping container on top of a mountain” argument again.

Look, we all know that the Alaskan Bush People family spend time filming in the Alaskan bush, then live in town when they choose. It’s a television reality show, people! It doesn’t help when Bear posts captions like the one above, though, we’ll agree.

We expected Season 13 of Alaskan Bush People to answer such burning questions for Bear, too. But in April, Bear told his followers that he would be leaving the show and not returning for the next season. Talk about bad news bears!