‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Encourages Fans to Watch Upcoming 13th Season With Rugged New Pic

by Courtney Blackann

Following a really tough loss with the passing of the family’s patriarch, Billy Brown, “Alaskan Bush People” star Bear Brown is encouraging fans to tune in to the new season.

Posing in a photo on Instagram, Brown shows he’s ready to move on and forward. To view the photo, you’ll need to request his approval to follow, as his account is private.

“Be sure to tune in to the new season of Alaskan Bush People! Sunday September 19th on Discovery and Discovery+,” the star captioned his photo.

While the show’s future was uncertain, the family decided to push forward. Chronicling Billy Brown’s untimely death will be a part of the new season as a trailer shows the 911 call the family made when Brown became unresponsive. As fans now know, the star died last February after suffering a seizure.

“Looking back, Dad knew his time in this world was coming to an end, and we can see now he was laying out a plan for us, preparing us to achieve the vision,” Brown’s daughter says in the video clip. “If only we understood his plan sooner,” Snowbird said in the video.

Additionally, Discovery is dedicating this season of “Alaskan Bush People” to Brown’s memory and his legacy.

“We all have to find our peace with what’s happened somehow,” said Ami Brown, the matriarch of the family. “You have to go where the road calls you.”

Bear Brown Remembers Dad in Sweet Note

While Billy Brown’s death left an impact on the entire family, Bear Brown has had a particularly tough time dealing with the loss.

Earlier this summer, the star shared some thoughts about his dad in a note which he then posted on his social media page.

“The only thing Da ever wanted was a family that loved and cared about him,” Brown said. “When he lost his parents and sister at the age of 16, he was disowned by the rest of his family, and his inheritance was stolen.”

He went on to add how proud he was of his dad and the lessons Brown taught him about family.

“He became a ward of the court when no one showed up for him, my mom and dad taught us what’s really important in life and it’s not money it’s family!” Bear Brown said.

Moving forward, the family will still go about the usual “Alaskan Bush People” activities. However, there will be a notable missing piece without the family’s anchor. We’re sure fans will shed a few tears when the season airs later this month.

The 33-year-old Brown will have to grapple with the loss, while picking up the pieces to move forward with his own family.

“I’m no poet or I’d put some deep beautiful poem down, but what I can say is how much I miss my Da,” Bear Brown says. “There are truly no words to describe the emptiness without him!”