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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Fires Back at People Who ‘Mock’ Him

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear Brown‘s response to “haters” is perfect, giving them absolutely nothing to feed off of.

“I really don’t care if people mock me at all!!!!!!” posts Bear Brown to Instagram Tuesday with an angel emoji. In his latest photo, he’s sporting a hoodie with hood up – and a big ol’ red clown nose for the haters.

Indeed, Bear Brown gets his fair share of bullying, teasing, and mocking online. But such is the internet. And thankfully, the Alaskan Bush People star seems to have thick enough skin and a good enough sense of humor to let it roll off. “Haters gonna hate,” as they say, and Bear Brown is certainly far more accomplished in life than the majority of said haters, to be sure.

Unfortunately, we can’t embed Bear’s latest photo here for you to see, as his Instagram privacy settings won’t allow. We can, however, link you to his profile right here. You can then follow him yourself for all things Alaskan Bush People and Bear Brown.

Once there, you’ll see the overwhelming amount of support coming in from fans. Many are commenting on Bear’s post to let him know that he has a whole lot more love coming his way than mockery.

“Don’t give them what they want. We answer to God and him alone. We will be mocked, persecuted and hated for our pursuit of Christ. Bring it… I say. While continuing to pray for them. Live your life, keep shining. You do you… who God created you to be,” replies Mama Maher to Bear.

“Good! Just say OFF social media and you will do just fine!” adds follower Mia.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Always Have Bear Brown’s Back

“Sending good vibes, hope all has been descent lately,” echoes The Green King. Comments like these are plentiful, and there are enough heart emojis to sink a battleship.

Much like his brother Matt Brown, Bear’s openness with his struggles, too, has helped fans cope with their own.

“PS Lovely show last night. My sincere condolences again. I lost both my parents 4 months apart. It was tough,” replies Kristen Brown (no relation).

Bear himself responds to Kristen, saying “Thank you! And my sincerest condolences to you!”

No matter what the media and internet trolls spin about Bear, his Alaskan Bush People family, or the show, this sort of interaction comes straight from the man himself. Putting love back out into the world is paramount. Judging by the way he and his siblings conduct themselves online, their late father, Billy Brown, must have done an excellent job instilling morals into his children alongside their mother, Ami.

This is what Alaskan Bush People is all about. And it’s exactly why it remains an Outsider favorite to this day. Good on you, Bear Brown.