‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Shows Off His Karate Moves in New Snaps

by Jon D. B.

Alaskan Bush People‘s own “King of Extreme” has an impressive high kick! Bear Brown’s latest snaps have fans admiring his karate skills.

A straightforward introduction for a straightforward topic! Over on his Instagram, Bear Brown‘s kicking it up a notch. See what we did there?

Wearing an all-black combination of a Deadpool shirt, padded dirt bike pants, and some sweet kicks, Brown is embracing his “Extreme” mantra fully this Friday. Back-to-back posts show the reality star going from a hard stance to an impressive high kick, toes well over head. It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

Alaskan Bush People Fan Teri is nicknaming Brown “Shadow Bear” over the posts, and we dig it. Follower Ruth brings the heat by commenting “Hello Mr. Extreme” with a heart emoji. The man certainly has his fans!

Unfortunately, Bear still has his Instagram’s privacy settings maxed out, so we can’t post his latest here. We can, however, direct you to his page by clicking this link. Once there, give the Alaskan Bush People star a follow and see the new Karate Kid for yourself.

Once you do, you’ll see that Bear Brown has posted close to a dozen times in the last 48 hours. While this gives us plenty of glimpses into his day-to-day, they’re just that: glimpses. Bear hasn’t been captioning his posts on Instagram, so fans have very little to go off of in the way of updates.

The last caption he put up was “Part of a new project I’m working on!” on a trio of Samurai-inspired filtered snaps. Before that, however, he did offer followers a truly important update.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown Updates Fans on Wildfire Status

As Outsiders know, wildfires continue to ravage the American West. And the Alaskan Bush People family all live on the west coast. As such, both eldest son Matt Brown and Bear Brown have both offered hopeful updates to their own safety for fans.

Wildfires have reached horrific, biblical proportions in the past decade. Everything would be far worse, however, without the remarkable work of firefighters across the globe. “Bravery” doesn’t even begin to cover their sacrifices. California’s Dixie Wildfire continues to burn as the largest in state history, while nearly every other western state is on fire in one or a dozen locations.

To this end, Alaskan Bush People alum Bear recently expressed his thanks to firefighters whilst providing an update for fans.

“Fortunately the firefighters were able to keep the flames at bay!” he said via Instagram on Monday. “Our mountain is also safe! Hopefully fire season is almost over!”

We hope so, too, Bear. Within the update, Brown offers a stunning yet ominous snapshot of a smoke-filled sunset, which you can see by heading over to his Instagram.

“Amazing photo after such great devastation. Goes to show, after great loss there always come great beauty,” echoes Alaskan Bush People fan Christel. Well said, indeed.

Outsider sends all their best to all those continuing to battle the Western Wildfires.