‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Reveals Painful Look at ‘Bruises and Blisters’ in New Photo

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

It seems as though Alaskan Bush People star, Bear Brown, may have had himself a very extreme holiday weekend.

It was just yesterday that Brown took to social media to wish his fans and followers a happy Easter. Fast forward to today, and the “Team Extreme” man is showing off a new set of bruises along with a blister on his foot.

As a man who grew up off-the-grid, Bear Brown is probably no stranger to getting bruised up. However, the big blister on his foot definitely looks painful. The Alaskan Bush People star must have been working in a new pair of boots to come up with that one.

“Bruises and blister!” Brown captioned his photo.

The most recent snaps from Bear Brown were probably the last thing that Alaskan Bush People fans were expecting to see today. But after catching a glimpse of his latest post, many of them felt compelled to make light of his situation with a timely joke.

“Very extreme Easter, I see! 🔥💪” one fan wrote. “Take care of yourself, Bear ❤”

Another follower left a comment saying, “That must have been one hell of an Easter egg hunt 😮”

Alaskan Bush People Star Wishes Fans a Happy Easter

We are not quite sure what Bear Brown got into yesterday that would have left him all bruised and blistered up, but the Alaskan Bush People star seemed to enjoy his holiday weekend nonetheless.

Fans of the show know by now that Bear’s father, the one and only Billy Brown, passed away suddenly back in February after suffering a seizure at his home. Bear and Billy were extremely close to one another, so it has been undoubtedly tough for the 33-year-old to get through.

However, Bear Brown has turned to one of the common denominators in his life — the wilderness. A perfect example of that was on Easter when the star actor posted a peaceful video of horses running through an open pasture.

It was the first Easter for Bear without his dad, but he seems to be getting by day by day. If his recent posts are any indication, the Alaskan Bush People star will be turning to what he knows best as he continues to navigate through a time of tragedy. And those things, of course, are his family and the great outdoors.

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