‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Says He Would Like to Return to Alaska Full-Time

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Though the show is named Alaskan Bush People, the stars of the show continue to build in Washington. That being said, it appears many of the family, like Bear Brown, long to return to Alaska full-time.

Distractify scored an exclusive interview with Bear Brown. In it, Billy Brown was naturally discussed, but the Bear family’s plans as a whole were also thrown into the mix. Near the end, the outlet mentions them missing Alaska. Distractify then delves further into it, asking if the Bears intend to keep building in Washington or whether they will officially return to Alaska.

“It was definitely nice getting to see Alaska again, and I think in my heart will always consider Alaska my home,” Bear responded. Elaborating, he goes on to say North Star Ranch will continue to grow, but to never count Alaska out of the equation. “We are continuing to build North Star Ranch, but I definitely wouldn’t rule out Alaska as a strong possibility. It’s hard to say goodbye to Alaska for good, ya know?”

Indeed, it’s hard to imagine the entire family setting up roots in Washington. They titled the show Alaskan Bush People after all. Nonetheless, I suppose as time goes on it could always change to Washington Bush People.

If you’re curious, Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Discovery.

Bear Brown Talks About His Father’s Dream and What it Stood for

In another Distractify interview, Bear Brown goes into detail about his father. Of particular note in the interview is Billy Brown’s dream, what it stood for, and how the family is following his legacy.

Passing away in February of this year, Billy Brown’s death understandably devastated the Brown family. Talking about it, Bear revealed the new Alaskan Bush People seasons will be about honoring him and his legacy. “This season has been all about honoring Da,” Bear told Distractify.

“Da’s legacy was really his dream, but also a dream shared by all of us to have an actual self-sustainable home where we can provide our own food, water, electricity and it can be a secure home for generations to come.”

However, Billy Brown wanted more than just that. In his heart, he wanted his family to have freedom to do what they wanted and have the means to do so. “That’s really what my dad wanted,” Bear stated. “To make sure us and the next generations would be set up with a self-sustainable home where we could live free. My dad stood for God, family, and freedom.”

Finally, Bear concludes saying his father’s teachings are something he will pass on to his son to honor his legacy. Above all, Billy wanted his family to “be true to yourself, true to others, and true to God.”