‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Shares Heartwarming Pics From Son’s ‘Water Park’ Birthday

by Amy Myers

Alaskan Bush People stars Raiven and Bear Brown are counting the days until their son’s second birthday, and to celebrate, they headed to a water park ahead of the huge milestone.

The little family often visits water-based destinations whenever they need a little getaway or are celebrating their son in some way. Clearly, River isn’t afraid of the water or of heights. Of course, this isn’t too much of a surprise, considering that his father is the “King of Extreme.”

This time, the family headed to Triple Play Family Fun Park in Hayden, Idaho. Usually, the family prefers the Great Wolf Lodge in California, but, as Raiven explained, Triple Play was a bit closer to their Washington home.

To commemorate their exciting trip, both mom and dad posted photos with their son. Bear chose a couple of photos of him and River underneath the sprinklers. In the first picture, the loving dad extended his hand with his son into the water. Little River wore an adorable pair of swim trunks, water wings and a life vest. Meanwhile, the Alaskan Bush People dad opted for a T-shirt and red swim shorts.

“Took a trip to a water park to celebrate Rivers second birthday!!! And He loved it!!!” Bear said in the caption.

See the sweet photos here.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Mom Joins in on Son’s Celebrations

Likewise, Raiven posted a few of her own special moments on the trip with her almost-two-year-old son. She included a couple of videos of her and River as they raced down the water slides. Who knows just how many times the pair went down the water tubes, but it seems little River never felt any less excited each time they went.

“Having a blast for rivers second birthday although it’s not until March 9th! We wanted to make sure we had time to go and quarantine to do something on the actual day with family,” she shared.

See her photos and videos here.

Meanwhile, Noah Brown Bonds with Son Over ‘Star Wars’

When it comes to the Alaskan Bush People “Wolf Pack,” family is everything. So, while Bear and Raiven are cherishing sweet moments with River, Bear’s brother, Noah, is bonding with his son over Star Wars. Noah introduced his son to the franchise just a week ago, and, not surprisingly, little Eli fell in love.

Just look at this intense lightsaber battle that the two had with each other.

“Eli and I picked up some Youngling Lightsabers and he wants to practice almost every day, especially after we watch an episode of Clone Wars,” Noah explained.

Check out the adorable interaction.