‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Shows Glimpse of Tattoo in New Sunlit Selfie

by Jon D. B.

Alaskan Bush People‘s own “King of Extreme” has himself some new ink, and before you get worried – it’s definitely not a tribal tattoo.

Weeks after officially confirming his breakup with Raiven Adams, Bear Brown has himself a new tattoo. We’re not implying the two are connected… But it is absolutely worth noting, as the young Alaskan Bush People star doesn’t look his happy self in his latest update.

Within, Bear wears a somber look as he flashes his shoulder tattoo for followers. The sun is beaming brightly behind him as he stands in what looks to be a parking lot.

As for the tattoo – rejoice, fans! Bear has gone for what looks like a simple silhouette of branches that extend out from his chest and onto his shoulder/arm.

Unfortunately, the Alaskan Bush People brother has reset his Instagram to full privacy settings. As such, we can’t embed his latest update here and show the ink. What we can do, however, is guide you to his official account here. You can then request to follow Bear Brown and see his new ink for yourself.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fans Worry for Bear Brown

On the post, fans seem quite worried about Bear’s current state. His grimace is, after all, a stark change from his usual spritely self.

“You got a beautiful smile let’s see it my friend,” a top commenter replies. A little pushy, but the sentiment is echoes many times over from fellow followers.

“Smile you will be alright. Someone is watching over you,” another offers. Okay, someone needs to tell this group of strangers that telling someone to smile is never going to make them smile. Nor is it really all that nice a thing to do.

“Keep your chin up & faith strong buddy,” another fan finally offers without telling Bear to smile. Hundreds more Alaskan Bush People fans have commented so far, too, and they all seem to want the best for Bear in his post-Raiven world.

Hopefully the reality star finds some comfort in this, as he and Raiven Adams, the mother of his baby boy, officially parted ways in April, much to his own detriment.

Sharing a lengthy “update” with followers on his private account, Bear Brown looked extremely somber, including a photo of himself wearing a tuxedo and holding his wedding ring for Raiven whilst soaking wet in his running shower. This is how he chose to update fans. And as such, Alaskan Bush People fans are continuing to try and support the “King of Extreme” in the only way they can.

Best of luck, Bear Brown!