‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bear Brown Wishes Mom Ami ‘Happy Birthday’ With Heartwarming Family Pic

by Amy Myers

Saturday, Alaskan Bush People matriarch, Ami Brown, turned 58 years old, and her son Bear was happy to help her celebrate. Bear is just one of Ami’s six children that co-starred with her on the reality series detailing their off-the-grid life in the Alaskan wilderness and then Washington mountains.

Since first coming to the public eye with the start of the show, Ami has shown how much love and care she has for each of her children. After her battle with stage III non-small cell lung cancer, her son no doubt wanted to celebrate his mother’s resilience and strength through her 58 years.

Recently, on Instagram, Bear has dedicated his page to snapshots with his family. A father himself, the Alaskan Bush People star often shares moments with his son, River, and his girlfriend, Raiven Adams. Of course, Bear wanted to spend time with his mother on her day, so he brought over his own little family and a bunch of balloons to celebrate. Saturday, his girlfriend posted a photo of the happy occasion on Instagram. Adams apparently cooked for Ami on her 58th, but from the looks of her caption, she didn’t seem too confident in her kitchen skills.

“Happy Birthday to this beautiful woman hope you have an amazing day!” Adams wrote on Instagram.
“Hopefully you enjoy the food I did my best! we love you to the moon and back.”

In the photo, she posed with the two Alaskan Bush People stars. Ami, who held little River in her arms, wore a pretty pink blouse on her big day. Behind them was a balloon banner that read “Happy Birthday” in gold lettering.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Celebrates First Birthday without Late Husband Billy Brown

Despite turning another year older, the Alaskan Bush People star looks just as she did when the show first aired in 2014. When Ami Brown first appeared on the show, she stood beside her husband, Billy Brown, who led the family’s adventures through the wilderness and their different homesteads across the country.

Sadly, Billy passed away in February this year unexpectedly after suffering a seizure. His loss left a hole in the family’s fabric, and since then it seems that the Alaskan Bush People are still adjusting to the new dynamic without their father’s leadership and guidance. Of course, for Ami, this is especially true.

The story of how Ami and Billy met is not the typical love story. They didn’t pass notes in chemistry or live down the street from one another. Instead, both Alaskan Bush People stars came from broken backgrounds and found each other when they needed a shoulder to lean on.

Since 1979, the couple has raised their family on a foundation of love and independence. This year is the first year that Ami celebrated her birthday without the love of her life.