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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Billy Brown Made an Eerie Comment Days Before His Death

by Taylor Cunningham

Only a few short days before Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown suddenly died, he made an eerie comment that makes us wonder if he knew his time was coming to an end.

 “God has blessed me so much, but I won’t be around forever,” Brown said during one of his final tapings of Discovery Channel’s reality series.

Before passing, Billy Brown had been building a life in the wilderness for his family. And his end goal was to create a small society for the Browns that had complete autonomy. Meaning, the government and society would have absolutely no control of his children and the future Brown generations.

In the chilling episode, Brown shared that his final wish “is to make sure that the family core would go on.”

“This is an important time,” the reality star added. “The ranch will go on forever as long as it’s set up right. The ranch must keep growing.”

Shortly after filming the episode, Billy Brown suffered a sudden and fatal seizure inside his Washington home.

‘Alaskan Bush People’: Snowbird and Rain Open Up About Dad Billy Brown’s Health in New Episode

When 68-year-old Billy Brown suddenly died earlier this year, the news came as a shock to both his family and fans. But according to old footage shown on the official Alaskan Bush People Instagram page, Billy’s heath had been deteriorating for some time. And the star refused to see a doctor.

The footage shows an emotional Snowbird and Rain working in the mountains of their Washington ranch. Billy was not with them, which was uncharacteristic for him. Billy was dedicated to his family’s goal of ultimate freedom. And he worked towards that goal every waking moment.

“I know he’s been having a hard time breathing,” Snowbird tells her younger sister through tears. “I know that’s hard for him because it’s harder up here, which is why he’s having to stay down, which I know kills him. He hates it.”

Apparently, Billy Brown had been struggling with his health for some time. And he had seen doctors, but Billy wasn’t feeling results. So he didn’t want to keep going. He just wanted to spend time with his family.

“Da’s health has definitely been up and down. I’m more worried about him right now, though,” Snowbird continues to say in the clip. “I’ve been trying to talk to him about going back to the doctor but there’s nothing that they can do. He’s been before and he just doesn’t want to go to the doctor anymore. He just wants to be at home and be with everybody.”