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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Bird Brown Has Strangest Breakfast Quirk Ever…Sugar and Eggs

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The Alaskan Bush People will be the first ones to tell you that their methods of living are a bit different from the rest of the world. Separate from the world, the Browns value their independence from technology and society, creating their own rules and reasons for the family. While, usually, the family impresses fans with their innovation and work ethic, some habits are just a little too strange.

Throughout the Alaskan Bush People family’s many adventures and homes, fans have found out quite a bit of the family’s quirks and mannerisms. From adopting “extreme” lifestyles to adding strange ingredients to their breakfast, it’s clear the Browns are a unique family.

Back when Billy Brown was still with the rest of the Alaskan Bush People, the family traveled Alaska’s waters while on their boat. With seven kids, two parents and a dog, it was definitely a tight fit – especially around the dinner table. However, closer quarters for the Browns just meant closer bonds with each other. In one instance, the family gathered in the cabin while mother and wife Ami Brown prepared the food. Of course, all of the staple ingredients were present – eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice and more.

But oldest daughter Bird Brown was missing her favorite condiment for her scrambled eggs. Much to viewers’ surprise (and horror), the Alaskan Bush People star grabbed a bag of white sugar and coated her plate in a thick layer.

“For as long as I can remember, even when I was, like, real little, I always put sugar on my eggs,” Bird explained. “Putting the sugar on the eggs puts, like, a liquidy glaze, so I just cover the egg in sugar and then mix it and it makes it, like, runny with sugar. And it’s good.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Shares Other Odd Food Combinations

Older brother Gabe indulged in the strange combination, too, deeming the dish “dessert eggs.”

Meanwhile, youngest Alaskan Bush People star Rain couldn’t hide her disgust, telling her siblings they put “way too much sugar” on their meal.

Just as strange the fact that Gabe liked to dunk his bread in orange juice. Next to him, oldest Alaskan Bush People sibling Matt dipped a potato chip into a bowl of gravy.

“It’s not fondue,” Gabe said, moments after turning his juice into a sauce.

“I think we’re the only people that use gravy as a condiment to dip in before dinner,” Bird observed.

Following the bizarre breakfast scene, Matt explained that without immediate access to a grocery store, the family has learned to substitute typical snacks and dishes for what they had on hand. As a result, the siblings have all developed “a weird taste.”