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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Gabe Brown Drops Intense New Selfie With Cryptic Message

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The latest update from Alaskan Bush People‘s Gabe Brown sees the star pen a retrospective poem detailing his mental health struggles.

Cryptic at first glance, Gabe Brown’s extensive Sunday post reveals itself as far more once fans finish reading. Within, Gabe vaguely details his own mental health whilst offering advice to those who may be struggling, too.

It’s a telling piece of personal art posted to social media, a platform the Alaskan Bush People star often uses to vent. Read the words of Gabe Brown after his accompanying photo below and see how the words affect you:

“Behind my eyes, there’s a place I know, filled with dreams from long ago
Where there’s shadows of sunsets, and the autumn leafs blow.
There’s a rocking chair by a fire where sometimes I go,
To stare out of the windows from inside my soul.

You may see me from time to time,
Gazing off into the distance like I’m out of my mind.
It’s because I am.
Maybe you should be too.,

When the world we carry gets too heavy, or our feet are too small for our shoes,
Take a break from your trouble, go take a rest, chat with an old friend to get things off your chest,
Or relax for awhile, and just catch your breath.

You have to grow up in this life that we live, but never forever,
Because inside we’re all still just kids.

Gabe Brown

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Browns Seem More Divided Than Ever

Fans of the Discovery docu-drama aren’t seeing Gabe’s words as a simple reflection of himself, however. His siblings have struggles of their own, too. And none is more sharing and giving with their own personal story than Gabe’s oldest brother, Matt.

“Forgive your brother Matt. He’s hurting too,” replies follower Anita in kind. While this is an awfully forward comment to leave, the Browns have been very public with their private lives. As a result, fans – on Instagram, especially – have become deeply invested in the ongoing rifts in the Alaskan Bush People family.

For Matt’s part, though, he seems to be doing far better on his own.

“I’ve finally… Given up to the truth! Surrendered. That’s what I’ve done,” he recently told fans via Instagram of his new solo life. “I’ve surrendered to the truth, and to Jesus. And he’s protected me! And given me such wonderful things.”

“Life really sucked for me,” he continues within. “No matter if I was on top or on bottom, wherever I was, it just wasn’t good. ‘Cause I was harboring lies. Keeping secrets to my own detriment that had nothing to do with me, and they were totally wrong, anyway.”

The eldest of the Alaskan Bush People children further echoes recent sentiments about his family’s past within, and it’s worth a read for those who love the Browns.

Regardless, Outsider wishes all the best to Gabe, Matt, and the rest of their kin moving forward.