‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Gabe Brown Posts Cryptic Message With New Selfies Amid Family Controversy

by Halle Ames

‘Alaskan Bush People’ star Gabe Brown has taken to social media to post an eerie, cryptic message with his recent selfie.

The middle child in the Brown family seems to be going through a tough time with an Instagram post that left fans worried.

Gabe Brown left “Alaskan Bush People” to focus on his family, which consists of his wife Raquell, who he married in January of 2019, and their daughter Sophia. And while the small family seemed to be doing well, Gabe’s selfie from April 23 is raising red flags.

Gabe Brown Raises Concerns On Social Media

The reality star has grown out his beard and curly hair and is wearing all black with a leather vest and a silver cross chain. Gabe Brown is not smiling in any of the three photos. In fact, the 29-year-old hasn’t posted a photo of himself looking relatively happy since early April.

However, the concerning part isn’t Brown’s unkempt appearance. Gabe posted a lengthy caption about how challenging it’s been for him to find joy. This is due to his father’s death in February from a seizure at the family’s home.

“Being happy used to be easy. There was nothing to be sad about. Sure there were always ups and downs, but at the end of the day, as long as I could look around and see those faces of the ppl I love happy was easy.”

Gabe Brown continued the poem, hinting at the pain he feels for the family patriarch’s passing.

“Times are changed as times must and do, and the room seems empty without you. I carry on from day to day, remembering those things you’d say, tears of pain run down my face. They try to take your special place, I wake up dreaming we have to be apart, yet those we lose from our sight are never gone from our hearts.”

He finished up the post with a message about Heaven and how he will one day see his father, Billy Brown, again.

“Fret not, those that believe will be together again in God’s eternal kingdom. Wait, and watch.”

Fans Reach Out In Support

Gabe is one of the seven Brown children that have been very outspoken about their fluctuating grieving process, along with Bear Brown, who commented clapping emojis on his brother’s post. With more than 166,000 followers on Instagram, fans flooded in to send kind words and encouragement to Gabe Brown.

One fan said, “So sorry you’re having such a difficult time, Gabe. You have a great heart and spirit to you. You seem to always have. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, LOSE THAT. People around you feed off of that positive energy, it makes others smile, and right now, our world needs smiles more than ever.”

Keep your head up, Gabe! We are rooting for you.