‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Gabriel Brown and Raquell Are Frolicking in the Snow in Photos

by Thad Mitchell

“Alaskan Bush People” Star Gabriel Brown and his wife, Raquell Rose, had a fun Valentine’s Day on a snowy afternoon.

Brown, a favorite among “Alaskan Bush People” viewers, is also celebrating his fourth year together with Raquell. Gabe is the son of Billy and Ami Brown and has been a fixture on the hit Discovery Channel show since 2014. The 32-year-old took to social media yesterday to share a few photos of his and Raquell’s romantic history together. In the first photo, they are joyfully playing in the freshly fallen snow as they hold hands. The second pic is a throwback to when they had just started dating. It is interesting to see how the two have grown together through the years.

The “Alaskan Bush People” star also takes the social media post as an opportunity to wish his love a happy Valentine’s Day and they appear to be doing just that in the photos. In true Gabe Brown fashion, he also manages to sneak a little joke at the end of the post.

“Happy Valentine’s Day everyone,” he writes in the post’s caption space. “It is our 4th year together, with Raquell, and going strong, keep on believing dreams do come true, and so will love. What do you call a cute headbangers music? Precious Metal.”

Gabe Brown’s post generated a strong response from “Alaskan Bush People” fans, who return the thoughtful post.

“Happy Valentine’s day to you too,” a social media user writes in the comments section. “Wishing you both contained love and happiness for the future. God bless.”

“Hi guys. Nice to see you back on here,” another fan of the hit show writes. “Hope the family is good. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Gabe Brown and Wife Welcome Child

The young family is growing with a new addition to the family coming just a couple of months ago. The couple is very private about their personal life and kept the newborn a secret before surprising fans.

Raquell revealed the new baby, a girl, to “Alaskan Bush People” fans with a social media post late last year.

“Hello everyone,” she writes. “I’d like to share with you a special picture and some insight into our life as of recently. This year has been especially hard for our family but with hard times; blessings come as well. As many of you have noticed, I take my privacy and my children’s privacy very seriously. You may not see us around as often as you do with Gabe, none the less we’re still here. We continue to ask for our privacy from the public eye. Within the last month, we’ve welcomed another addition to our family and Sophie is happy to be a big sister. Thank you for all your support and many blessings to the future.”