‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Joshua ‘Bam Bam’ Brown Makes TikTok Debut

by Jon D. B.

Alaskan Bush People‘s Joshua ‘Bam Bam’ Brown is officially on TikTok, and he’s celebrating the occasion with some precious little chicks.

If you love Discovery’s hit, Alaskan Bush People, then you know Bam Bam. Born Joshua Brown, the 34-year-old has grown into the spitting-image of his late father, Billy Brown. Billy died back in February, leaving an irreparable hole in the Brown family. Now, Joshua is sharing some of his coping mechanisms and charismatic smile on video-based social media giant, TikTok.

Indeed, Bam Bam may have figured out the best coping mechanism of them all. He has himself 50 Pekin duck chicks, and they’re absolutely adorable.

Within his first post, Brown shows off his “new little friend,” one of the dozens of duckling chicks. And as he describes: “He’s just a widdle biddy baby!”

He doesn’t know if the tiny peep is a “he or a she yet,” but hopes to “find out soon.”

“But right now,” the Alaskan Bush People star says, “they’re all just a bunch of cute little fuzzballs.”

Joshua is completely smitten with the little ones. He asks the chick he’s holding if it wants to “return to its siblings,” showing viewers the inside of the ducklings’ top-rate coop.

Brown’s partner, Allison Kagan, films the star’s first TikTok. She thinks her “man” says “super cute” a bit “too much” during his debut. But is there such a thing when chicks are involved?

Joshua Brown Continues on in Memory of Late ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Patriarch Billy Brown

Before his TikTok debut, Joshua would post a tribute to his late father, Billy Brown, who died at 68 from complications of seizures, on other social media platforms.

“When I was a kid, my Mom and Dad taught me that this world can be a dark place and that it’s our job to shine light wherever we can,” Joshua writes. The photo he includes shows his striking resemblance to his dad.

“They taught me that when it’s hard when you want to fall to the ground and cry when everything in you says give up, that is when you must keep going when you must have courage and faith,” he continues of his parents.

“Da never cared about money or fame. What he did care about was family, faith, and freedom,” Joshua cites, adding that his “Da once said that if our show made just one person smile, and brought light into just one persons’ life, even for just a moment, then it was worth all of it.”

In conclusion, the Alaskan Bush People star offers “To all the honorary members of The Wolf Pack, Thank you. Thank you for being a part of our family, and letting us be a part of yours. Thank you for your prayers, support, and the love you have all shown for my family. Never give up. Never surrender.”