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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Demonstrates ‘Lifesaver’ Bird-Feeding Contraption in Wild New Video

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit should read SILAS STEIN/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

Watch as the reality TV vet works to save a clutch of orphaned songbirds through his own brand of Alaskan Bush People ingenuity.

What should you do if you find a clutch of tiny, brand new baby birds on the ground? First, look for a nest within a few yards of where you found them. Many accidents of nature can have tiny, helpless chicks wind up out of their nest. If no nest is present, then it’s time to call your local wildlife rehabilitation center.

If neither of these is an option, and your name is Matt Brown, then it looks like it’s time to take care of said chicks! The Alaskan Bush People star has been doing just that the last couple of days. Through his official Instagram, he’s keeping followers up to date on the tiny peeps.

At first, Matt was giving each as many little worms as he could find. Which – don’t do this – as a parent bird will “chew” up food first, then feed the paste to their offspring. Feeding solid objects to any infant of any species is a recipe for choking.

Through some avenue, Matt has finally realized this. After “doing some Googling,” he’s taken to soaking dog and cat food into a “mush” to feed the baby birds Friday. There is quite a bit of nutrients present in pet food, so this is one way to get these tiny – and I mean brand new tiny – chicks to survive. It certainly beats finding 100 worms a day and then pureeing them.

“Let me tell yah, I have a whole new respect for mommy and daddy birds!” the Alaskan Bush People vet laughs.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Is Doing His Best to Save Baby Birds

It’s near-impossible to tell what species of songbird Matt has found on his new property without seeing the parents and/or eggshells. They could be robins or similar small birds.

Regardless, he’s thrilled that “the pet food works! :D” – a.k.a. his caption of choice for the Friday update below.

Within, Matt has made a makeshift syringe to feed the weans their new food paste. Judging by the comments he’s responding to, he’s aware he’ll have to feed the chicks at least every two hours. Being a bird mom is a constant job, and absolutely one to leave to said mother birds – or to wildlife pros.

In the end, the Alaskan Bush People vet simply has too big a heart to let the clutch starve or become prey. Watch as Matt walks us through his new process for helping these tiny orphans survive below: