‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Gives Fans Look at Wild Detail He Spotted on His 4-Wheeler

by Amy Myers

As a star of Alaskan Bush People, Matt Brown has known many long-hour days while building and working with his hands. Today, he tapped back into those skills to help a buddy install a double-wide trailer. On Instagram, where Brown usually talks to his fans, he detailed his latest endeavors on the job as well as a neat surprise he found on the ride home.

Usually, Brown spends his days working on an orchard. However, he decided to pick up a bit of side work when a good friend needed an extra hand on another job. According to Brown, he met this fellow through his regular employers. While hauling hay for the customer, Brown and the man became “really good friends.” Brown also revealed that this individual raises sheep and goats on the side. So, in order to gain a little extra income and help out a buddy, the Alaskan Bush People star joined the shepherd in building trailers for the day.

While Brown was clearly grateful for the opportunity to pocket a bit more cash, he clearly was more excited about his newfound discovery on his four-wheeler.

“Look at this,” Brown said as he pointed his phone in front of the wheels of his ATV. “This little spot where the dirt has caught in here is growing like its own little lawn.”

“Is that neat, or what?” the Alaskan Bush People star said emphatically.

Neat as it is, Brown might have to keep a pair of nail scissors on his four-wheeler to help trim his new lawn every now and then.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Says He Enjoys ‘Hard Work’

Throughout the video, Brown tried his best to explain what he did while working on the trailer. According to the Alaskan Bush People star, the site had the two parts of the double-wide trailers side by side.

“The job is to take these roller systems, set them up underneath the trailers, jack them up, fix everything, secure to the rollers then roll them down and slide them together,” Brown said. “Then they’re joined together and blocked on the bottom.”

Still a little unclear? Check out this timelapse video of a double-wide installation to see how the Alaskan Bush People star spent his time.

“All day long, I’ve been crawling underneath these double-wide trailers putting up the supports,” he shared.

The Alaskan Bush People star flaunted his dirt-coated hands and admitted he was “covered in insulation” and needed “a shower.” Of course, with the physical demands of the job, Brown was likely tired from the long day of hard work. Still, he shared, “I like hard work.”