‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Gives Video Tour of Wilderness ‘Adventure’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People‘s eldest son, Matt Brown, radiates happiness as he returns to the mountain cabin “where everything changed” for him.

Keeping up with Matt Brown has proven a truly rewarding experience for any Outsider choosing to do so. We write about his life updates often, and to see him steadily and heartily improve his life by his own determination, will, and hard work, is inspiring. It’s also fantastic feel-good news, and lord knows the world needs more of that.

Thankfully, the Alaskan Bush People alum is always here to oblige. While some of his updates have been tragic – like the loss of his baby rescue birds – Matt always finds a way to help his fellow Outsiders through trauma. Whether explaining how he’s come to better deal with grief to lighten the burdens of others, or simply offering kind words to those who suffer alongside – he’s become a fantastic example of perseverance.

This past weekend, Matt Brown took a look in on his past himself.

“Hi friends! What a lovely Saturday I’m having!” Matt begins on his official Instagram. “For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been planning on coming up here to the mountains.”

Behind him, he shows Alaskan Bush People fansthe cabin!”

“I lovingly like to think of it as mine, though it belongs to everyone,” he says of the farm where he lives and works. As Outsiders will remember, Matt lived in the cabin for several months after separating from the turmoil his family’s reality show caused him, something he delves into a bit here.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown: ‘This is Where Life Changed for Me’

“This is where life changed for me,” Matt continues with a wide, beaming smile. “In the best ways. I learned how to stand on my own feet… Things got really good here. And they remain really good!”

“Later, like this October or so, I’m going to come up and spend a couple of weeks here. That’ll be when I stop watering the orchard and I just do handyman jobs around the place,” he says of his current work, which he loves.

Matt walks followers through his plans for the weekend, which include a bit of hiking and “forest exploring” around the cabin, as well. But fans are mostly thrilled to see Matt positively radiating joy.

“The mountain home is here your heart will always be… Along with your memories. Thank you for sharing 🤗,” Alaskan Bush People follower Anne replies to Matt.

“Matt ,you look great !! What a memory of the cabin !! It was still so cold then. I can still remember it well ! I prayed for you every time for a better life and God heard it. The note is cute. I hope everything stays so positive! God and Jesus bless you Matt 🙏🤗✌,” responds fan Patricia.

“Wow, that’s some trip back, and forward you went to where you were and where you went – full speed ahead Matt, full speed ahead always💙,” echoes Virginia.

We second all of the above here at Outsider. Keep it up, Matt Brown! You do all Alaskan Bush People fans proud.