‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Reveals the ‘Biggest Problem’ With Sticking to His ‘Routine’

by Matthew Wilson

Former “Alaskan Bush People” star Matt Brown recently opened up about the importance of sticking to an everyday routine. It’s something that Brown employs in his own life. But sometimes, he admittedly has problems sticking to it.

In an Instagram video, Brown got caught doing yesterday’s dishes. No word if he also folded yesterday’s laundry. The former reality TV star explained he pushed off doing the dishes to the next morning because he was on the phone with a friend.

He figured he could wake up and get the dishes done in the morning. But Brown is aware he shouldn’t break his routine too much. Pushing off tasks to later can be detrimental.

“I got to choose the next right thing,” Brown said during the video. “My biggest problem is not following through the next morning with the plan I established that night. Today, had I been lazy I could have left the dishes.”

Otherwise, dishes start to pile up both literally and metaphorically. Keeping a routine is important, according to Brown, for his well-being. In the past, Brown has battled substance abuse problems. Two women have also accused the “Alaskan Bush People” star of sexual assault. Currently, Brown is estranged from the rest of his family. But he frequently shares updates with his followers even if it’s just doing the dishes.

“That would be wrong for me because I break my routine,” Brown said.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star and His Living Situation

Currently, Matt Brown is living away from his kin. The actor struggled with being homeless and broke for a time. But he recently updated his followers on his current living situation.

“Hi! Here I am on the orchard. I went up today to my camps because I have two- the basecamp by my friend and then the cabin, and my good friend here, an old cowboy, gave me a ride up so I can get all my stuff. I got drug back to the cabin here. Things are good. The gentlemen I’m working over here is mowing so that I can get in and water all this acreage. Isn’t that beautiful? I don’t know how much you can see. I’m just having a really good day, and I wanted to reach out and say, ‘Hey!’ Check in with you guys, my friends out there, and make sure that you’re doing well too. I hope you are! Alright, have a nice day.”