‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Shows Off Cabin He’s Living In, Survival Skills

by Jon D. B.

After an emotional set of “Alaskan Bush People” centric videos, former star Matt Brown is “checking in” with followers, showing how he’s living “off the grid” in a barebones cabin.

If there’s one thing Matt Brown’s never short on, it’s interesting videos. His Thursday upload, however, may take the cake. While Brown’s previous April videos on his Instagram have centered on the troubled legacy of his family, this latest entry places the focus entirely on Matt’s life.

The “Alaskan Bush People” star’s video starts out in a dark, damp corner of his cabin, its logs looking as if they were joined with residential-quality foam sealant. Then, Matt flips his phone around to his face, flashing a big smile.

“Hey friends! So check it out: before I lose the light… I’ve made a light. This is a potato,” he narrates as he shows off his creation. It is, in fact, a potato – one he’s placed motor oil and the cotton end of a Q-Tip into. If this sounds like the beginning of a remarkably odd reel to you, then you’re right on the money.

From here, Matt swings his phone around for a panoramic view of the cabin. Immediately, Brown pans across both a microwave and a stove appliance, meaning there’s either electricity running to this cabin – removing the need for his “potato light,” or they’re not in use at all.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown is Truly ‘Off the Grid’

On the opposite side of the one-room cabin, revolutionary-era style cots can be seen with blankets strewn about. If there were every any doubt about Matt Brown living off the grid in his “Alaskan Bush People” days – this will at least put that debate to rest for his current living situation.

“So, this is home!” Matt says after showcasing the cans of ingredients about to go into his dinner. “Never been better,” he continues, flashing a genuine smile. “I’ll tell you, truthfully, I’m happier than I’ve been in years. Maybe forever.”

Matt has, however, “already drawn faces on water jugs to talk to,” which he shows off in the later half of the video. Make of what what you will.

All in all, the video does serve as a hefty update on the life of “Alaskan Bush People”s Matt Brown. He is now out of California. Outside of this, though, he offers no further details to his followers, wishing to stay – truly – “off the grid.”

He has, at least, hung an old American flag up outside his new digs. So we at least know he’s stuck to the U.S. (if there was ever any doubt). Might want to be careful posting videos with your phone to social media, though, Matt. That’s traceable.

Throughout it all, Matt Brown shows off a few crude sleds he’s constructed for hauling goods back and forth from town. He also discusses the “Neanderthal culture” he’s highly fascinated with. In short: you’ve got to watch this.

Check out Matt’s full video below for an update on his life, and rest assured: there is at least one member of the “Alaskan Bush People” family living off the grid.