‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Shows Off Fit Physique, Does Curls With Massive Rock in New Video

by Jon D. B.

In his latest video update for fans, Alaskan Bush People‘s Matt Brown is giving his take on the importance of exercise not only for the body, but for the mind, as well.

If you’ve ever found yourself thirsting for Matt Brown, this may be the video for you. Or not, depending on what you find attractive. The video itself is trademark Matt: he’s energetic, smiling, engaging, and feels like sharing. And if you’re here because of said Alaskan Bush People star showing off his “fit physique,” then you’re in luck – because he does exactly that.

Matt also, however, spells exercise as “exeraize.” Multiple times. So there’s that. No one’s perfect, and we’re not here to judge. Just feels pertinent to note considering this is a video attempting to teach followers about… exercise. Anyway! Moving on.

With a big ol’ rock (or small boulder, depending on your sense of scale) in hand, Matt Brown begins his latest video update with a set of curls in a tank top. And yes, Alaskan Bush People fans – he is in damn good shape. Alarmingly so. Good on yah, mate!

But if you’re still wondering “why did this guy have to focus on Matt Brown misspelling ‘exercise’?”… This is why:

“exeraize and the brain,” Matt captions his Instagram footage. “exeraize to help the brain make sense of the wold around us. its not hard, it didn’t take long ;).”

His intentions are great, and the man’s enthusiasm is always infectious, so let’s focus on that, shall we? Watch Brown’s latest update for followers below, and gear up for his “racecar” analogy for exeraiz- I mean exercise.

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown Is ‘Feeling Great’ in His New Home

From keeping physically fit to having access to television for the first time in a while, Matt Brown truly seems to be in a much better place these days. Which is fantastic for us to see here at Outsider, as Matt has lived one hell of a life.

Matt’s followers are happy to see him smiling, too, and genuinely seem to appreciate his emphasis on the importance of exercise.

“You’re right Matt, I go for walks all the time because I love nature but it’s also helping me. It gives me a great feeling mentally to be out there,” one top commenter replies Wednesday.

“You’re right exercise not only changes the body, it also can change your mind, attitude and mood,” follower Nikki echoes.

The list continues, with fan Abby noting how much she enjoys the Alaskan Bush People star’s ability to “Inspire and motivate.”

“You are looking good and focus on what you want and doing it. Thanks for the video, I could listen to you all day Matt. Enjoy the rest of your day,” she concludes.

Couldn’t agree more, Abby! Keep on keepin’ on, Matt Brown!