‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Shows Off Homemade ‘Work Station’ He’s Building

by Quentin Blount

Let’s make no mistake about it — Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown has been through a lot of the last couple of years.

But on Saturday afternoon, there was seemingly nothing that could bring down the spirits of the 37-year-old. Brown took to Instagram to let everyone know just how great of a day he was having. As fans of Matt Brown and of the show in general, that is definitely a breath of fresh air to see.

“Hey, friends. Hope everyone is doing well out there,” Brown begins his most recent video. “I’ve had a really wonderful day.”

In typical Brown fashion, Matt is out in the great outdoors setting up a new workstation behind his house. He points his camera down to his two new shop tables, which he decided to give a home so they wouldn’t get scrapped.

“They were going to be scrapped if they didn’t find a nice home. So, I’m giving them a place to live back here. And it will give me something to come out and work on and have an actual work area.”

Everyone Needs a Hobby

Matt Brown says that for him, he finds it is important to have a hobby. That’s why the Alaskan Bush People star has decided on building a new workshop so he can build stuff. He says that it will keep him from getting bored.

“I always maintain several different hobbies,” he explained. “That way I can jump from one to the next, you know? It’s a good way for me to occupy the otherwise unused time.”

As for fans of the popular Discovery Channel Series, they are happy to see Matt Brown in a good place.

“Glad you are keeping yourself busy,” one fan commented. “Take care of yourself, my friend.”

“You always had your ingenuity bro,” another follower said.”Idle time isn’t good for any of us. Keep your mind and body occupied.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Has His Own YouTube Channel

Meanwhile, the Alaskan Bush People actor says that he is working on making another new video for his YouTube channel. And if you are a fan of spaghetti, you are definitely going to want to keep your eyes peeled for this one.

“Later tonight, I plan on making a cool video about making tomato sauce for spaghetti — spaghetti sauce — out of the tomatoes that I harvested from my own garden,” Brown explains.

If you haven’t checked out his channel, we definitely recommend you do so. Just a couple of days ago, the Alaskan Bush People star posted a video on how to refill a Zippo lighter using an extinguished Bic lighter. And it is just as interesting as you would imagine. Take a look down below: