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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Shows Off Impressive Sword Fighting Skills, Channels ‘Conan the Barbarian’

by John Jamison
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

If you needed a reason not to mess with “Alaskan Bush People” star Matt Brown, boy, do we have one for you today. The eldest child of the Brown family took to Instagram and showed off his impressive sword handling skills.

In a display reminiscent of the infamous “Indiana Jones” scene where Indy dispatches his sword-wielding foe with a gun, the “Alaskan Bush People” star expertly twirls what appears to be a katana. That isn’t even the best part, though. When he finishes with the sword flourish, he unsheathes a knife, flips it, and lets it fly out of the frame. Based on the sound, it made good contact with whatever Matt was aiming at.

“I don’t know if y’all guys know, my brothers and sisters and I are sword fighters haha!
J.3.16,” the “Alaskan Bush People” star wrote in the caption.

“Ha ha!” Matt says in the video, shortly after launching his knife. “Trying to copy a video of a guy I really look up to. I just saw Arnold Schwarzenegger’s video today. Really cool… Cause he’s Conan the Barbarian. Alright, as always, God and Jesus bless us all.”

The “Alaskan Bush People” star had worked up quite a sweat by the time signed off in the video. And rightfully so. Those moves were worthy of “Conan the Barbarian.” The video from Arnold Schwarzenegger that Matt referenced can be seen below.

Fans Offer Their Thoughts on Matt Brown’s Sweet Sword Skills

People were naturally impressed by the display of swordsmanship. And they didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts.

“That looks like a lot of fun..but also a little scary. I would like to try hatchet throwing though…you know, like getting the blade AWAY from me,” one fan wrote.

“Nice coordination! But how are you with nunchucks,” another asked.

“Matt you’re so good! Juggling, painting, now martial arts, is there no end to your talents! Wow, fine figure of a man, you’re so fit, keep up the Good Work, Keep the Faith,” someone offered.

The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Looks to Be Having Fun

It’s been a rocky year or so for the eldest child of the Brown family. In February, he lost his dad, Billy. They weren’t on the best of terms at the time. On top of that, he has had some issues with the rest of his family over the way they’ve handled the show and business in his absence.

Over the past few months, Matt has been open with fans on social media. He is currently focusing on his sobriety and putting himself in an environment that best allows him to do that. And he has spent a fair amount of time talking about grief. But this recent post is a change of pace, and “Alaskan Bush People” fans will be happy to see him having fun.