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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Takes Aim for Hunting Season

by Amy Myers
(Photo by JOKER / Petra Steuer/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Though he’s no longer a part of Alaskan Bush People, Matt Brown still honors many of the same principles that he did when he was on the show with the rest of his family. Besides developing a passion for the outdoors, Brown has also learned how to depend on his own skills and resources for survival. In preparation for winter, Brown decided it was time to dust off his pump-action rifle to practice his shot for when he needs to bag a deer.

Not one to interact in town all that often, Brown didn’t head to the nearest gun range. Rather, he created a shooting area of his own using a fallen tree, a few jugs of water and some apples. His target fruit likely came from the orchard where the Alaskan Bush People star spends his workdays. After finishing the harvesting season last week, the orchardist probably took a few of the rotten ones to use in lieu of clay pigeons.

Once he had his apples in position, Brown set up his tarp and propped his rifle up onto his backpack. Then he proceeded to hit each apple, knocking them off the top of the water jugs. Each time, the Alaskan Bush People star inspected his work, noting where he hit the fruit. He even added slow-motion shots to the video to give fans a better look at his marksmanship.

Watch the Alaskan Bush People star nail target practice in the clip below.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Reminds Fans to Practice Firearm Safety

Following Brown’s successful practice, he neatly and methodically packed up his gear, ensuring that he wiped down his rifle before heading home. The former Alaskan Bush People star also mentioned that he kept his brass casings so that he could reload them – another example of his independence from typical amenities.

With how many followers Brown has acquired over the years, the reality star felt that it was necessary to discuss the importance of firearm safety after returning home. While at the makeshift shooting range, Brown himself demonstrated vital safety methods, such as keeping his index finger off of the trigger and trigger guard, as well as pointing his rifle downrange.

“Well, this video was a whole lot of fun to make. I hope that everybody’s enjoyed it, and I need to remind everybody, be sure when we’re using firearms, we always practice proper gun safety,” the Alaskan Bush People star said.

“Watch where we’re firing our ammo, make sure that nobody is around that would be in danger. Make sure that we’re familiar with the firearm that we’re using. And remember, it’s always acceptable to ask for help if we don’t know something.”

Well said, Matt.