‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Updates Fans on His Preparations for Winter

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Werner Forman/Universal Images Group/Getty Images)

Winter is coming, and if there’s anyone who knows how to prepare for freezing temperatures and lots of snow, it’s the Alaskan Bush People. Although oldest sibling Matt Brown (39) is no longer living with the rest of the “Wolf Pack,” that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten the skills he’s learned from his childhood. Ever the innovative bunch, the Browns aren’t ones to head to the hardware store when they need materials or tools, rather, they fashion what they need out of the elements around them. And this is exactly what Brown did in his latest Instagram video.

Since he left Alaskan Bush People, Brown has become his own camera crew, too. Despite no longer being a reality star, he regularly documents his adventures and daily tasks through Instagram, often narrating his day and sharing insight and advice from his past experiences. Earlier today, Brown wanted to show his fans his latest project, a metal sled. However, this wasn’t for recreational use, rather, it was to help him haul equipment to and from the orchard where he works. He explained that the model he was building was better than his other “drag sled.”

Once complete, the sled would have lines that ran from the front, middle and back that would connect to Brown, thus allowing him to haul more weight and prevent damage to the front. According to the Alaskan Bush People alum, he created the sled from a piece of tin that fell from a nearby barn and used a log to curl the front into shape.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Plants Trail Cam Near Orchard

From past updates that Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown has shared with fans, it’s clear that he enjoys working on an orchard. By helping maintain the property, Brown gets to work with his hands, be outside each day and watch the wildlife that passes through. He’s even acquired an extra tool that will help him with the latter.

Recently, in another video update, Brown showed fans where he had hidden his trail cam. During the clip, he reported that the orchard was now in harvest mode and he would be turning off “the hand line.” On the outskirts of the property, the Alaskan Bush People star found a place where groundhogs like to burrow, near a few flowering bushes. He explained that there was “a town” of the critters that had built their home into the side of the hill, and he hoped to catch them in action.

Brown excitedly reported that he could “hardly wait” to take the camera home that day to review the footage.