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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Matt Brown Warns About ‘Dangers of Self-Imposed Deadlines’ in New Video

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The Alaskan Bush People alum has another excellent self-help talk he’s sharing with followers, and it’s worth a visit for any struggling with stress.

“Hi friends 👋 This video is about the dangers of self-imposed deadlines,” Matt Brown begins via Instagram. Within, the former reality star starts his day with some Maxwell House coffee before diving into his latest words of wisdom.

“P.S., its not a Maxwell House commercial, tho it looks like it lol,” he clarifies. Even if it was, it’s a great one – so who’s complaining! I want a cup of coffee now, and you will too after watching Matt’s Maxwell-fueled talk below.

After walking followers through his farmstead workday, Brown jumps right to his Tuesday topic.

“Today I wanted to talk a moment about the dangers of self-imposed deadlines,” he begins. “For myself, I’m trying to put out new YouTube videos. And I tell myself every day that ‘Well, if I work hard on it and take my time, and everything – even though the computer is really slow, I can still take my time and in two days I can put out my YouTube video!”

The Alaskan Bush People vet is hard at work on trying to get a YouTube channel up and running, as he states. But it quickly becomes clear how much pressure Matt is putting on himself to perform – and perform quickly. In this, he finds another self-healing opportunity, something Brown never hesitates to share with followers.

“Well, those two days start getting closer and closer,” he says of his self-imposed deadline. “And the closer I get, the more rushed I begin to feel. And the more I start to self-doubt that I’m going to make my time limit. So I start rushing, right? That then messes it all up… And it doesn’t work.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown on the Importance of Self-Care

Of this defense mechanism, Matt Brown says “that’s kind of a way I defeat myself by putting this time limit in my head, and not realizing that this isn’t a real time limit that has been put on me by somebody else… A job… An actual expiration date,” he says, alluding to the sense of responsibility he holds himself to.

“It’s important to set goals for ourselves,” he continues. “And time limits! But what’s also important is to realize that, when we do this, it can also be very detrimental if we’re too rigid with what we have going on.”

“I’m of two mindsets,” Matt observes of himself, which he says boils down to: “the lazy guy and the responsible guy.”

“I’m trying to keep myself from slipping back into the ‘lazy guy’… It’s a balancing act, kind of!” he reminds himself and followers before getting to breakfast and the workday ahead.

If you ask your fellow Outsiders, Matt, you’re too hard on yourself! The gent has made incredible strides for himself and sounds to be doing better every time we hear from him. Brown is a phenomenal role model for those who have overcome addiction, emotional abuse, and struggles amidst fame & family.

Keep up the excellent work, Matt! Alaskan Bush People fans are absolutely with you.