‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Brown Gives Rare Look at 2-Year-Old Son in New Video

by Kati Michelle

Noah Brown surprised fans with a look into his personal and familial life with his wife Rhain and their son Eli. The two have offered glimpses before, but generally stay pretty private. After the tragic loss of patriarch Billy Brown back in February, it’s nice to see the family in a seemingly happy state once again.

The couple shares an Instagram account. We can assume the newest video post came from Noah Brown as his voice is heard off-camera talking to Eli throughout the video. This is a follow-up to Noah’s initial Instagram post from 4 days ago that detailed a project he was working on for Eli. In the first post, Noah stated his son loved playing with foam swords and so he set to custom build one. This video reveals the final project along with his son’s precious reaction.

Noah opens with a shot of Eli standing in the backyard. He then tells Noah that the Thor-like hammer behind him is a gift. Eli immediately runs over to assess the foreign object. His parents then explain it’s a hammer. Eli shows off his good manners by repeating “thank you daddy” while testing out the new tool’s capabilities and smashing the ground. Noah wraps up the video with an adorable “I love you buddy.”

Most of the comments are resoundingly positive and praise Noah for being such a handy dad. However, there are a couple of comments asking why the “Alaskan Bush People” star is living, well, outside the Alaskan Bush. Noah responds directly to these comments: “a forest fire burned our house and a large portion of our [Alaskan] land, we are in the process of rebuilding.”

Noah Brown and Wife Rhain Are Expecting

Back on May 12th, the couple took to their shared Instagram to first announce that they were expecting another child and sibling for Eli. A short while after that, the couple revealed their first ultrasound of the new baby together in an exciting post. Although both posts come from back in late Spring, they are still receiving an influx of love and support from fans in the comments.

Rhain never publicly announced her due date, but in doing the math, it should be around the end of this upcoming Winter. While there hasn’t been a grand gender reveal or name reveal yet, either, it can certainly be fun for fans to speculate.

Perhaps the couple will even name their new pack member after late patriarch Billy Brown. Whatever the case, family is certainly a priority for the now quartet. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next.