‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Noah Brown Mourns Fact He Never Met Grandparents in Moving Post

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Nico de Pasquale Photography/Getty Images)

Noah Brown, son of the late Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown, lamented the fact that he never had a chance to meet his grandparents in a moving photo on Instagram.

“Da told a lot of stories about my Grandparents, If only I could have met them,” he wrote in the caption, next to an old photo of Billy Joe and Kathryn Brown, Noah’s grandparents.

Billy Joe and Kathryn were the subjects of one Alaskan Bush People episode, “Ballad of Billy Brown,” from season 4. In the episode, a friend of Billy’s, another Bill, visits the family in Alaska from Billy’s native Texas. He brings a collection of photos with him of the Brown family before they passed. It was an emotional time for Billy Brown, considering the tragic fate of his parents and sister.

What Happened to Billy Brown’s Family?

“I got a call from my grandparents point-blank ‘well your mom, dad, and sister died in a plane crash’,” Billy Brown recalled in the Alaskan Bush People episode, as he looked through his family photos.

In 1969, his mother, father, and sister died in a plane crash when their private plane was caught in a thunderstorm. After their deaths, Billy was subsequently duped into signing for emancipation at 16, leaving him without the safety net of his family’s money.

“The only best friend I had over them was my sister,” Billy said of his parents and only sibling. Billy Brown’s decision not to accompany his family on their plane trip saved his life. Because of this, he created a large family legacy of Browns, honoring his lineage.

Billy Brown passed away in February 2021 after a seizure at age 68. He is survived by his wife Ami and their 7 children, along with a daughter from a previous marriage.

‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rain Brown Shares Gorgeous Photo From Home State

Billy Brown’s youngest daughter Rain, full name Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown, recently shared a photo of herself back in Alaska. She’s been in Washington at the family’s lower-48 ranch home, North Star Ranch, since 2017. The Brown family was in Washington while mother Ami battled lung cancer.

Now she’s back to her roots, in her home state. In the photo, a bundled-up Rain stands against a foggy backdrop on what looks to be a snowy beach. The location looks to be the coastline of the family’s island property.

Rain’s sister Bird, full name Amora Jean Snowbird Brown, expressed her thoughts about living in Washington. She also mentioned how much she wants to get back to Browntown. “I’m who I am today partially because of Browntown,” said Bird. “One of the biggest battles that I have with myself is, ‘Do I belong in Washington,’ and maybe this will, you know, answer some of that for me.”