‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Celebrates the Ranch Life in New Video

by Jon D. B.

Alaskan Bush People‘s Rain Brown is “Living the golden life” on North Star Ranch as she feeds her horse, Blaze, in her latest video.

As any fellow rancher knows, there are few things more rewarding in this life than bonding with livestock. Horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, you name it. Many of the animals we humans have domesticated over the eons have become embedded in our DNA. It’s part of who we are. And this couldn’t be more true for Alaskan Bush People daughter Rain Brown.

“Living the golden life,” she captions her latest Instagram post. Within, Rain includes a video of herself pitching hay for her horse, Blaze. Rain gets to work as Blaze trots about happily in his paddock, and it’s a perfect snapshot of the hard-but-rewarding work that comes with tending livestock.

Like this Outsider, many Alaskan Bush People fans are farmers and ranchers, too. Their comments over on Rain’s official Instagram show how many of us there are, and how strong a community it is.

“I was working on a horse farm in Tennessee taking care of 11 horses. It was peaceful and rewarding,” replies fan Cazzy.

“Life is always good with horses, I have two of them, and my doggies,” echoes follower Robert.

“Look at that beautiful blaze,” adds Alaskan Bush People fan Kathryn of Rain’s equine. “Gorgeous horse!”

‘Alaskan Bush People’s Rain Brown’s Rapport with Fans

While the above may seem “just another Insta post” to some, it’s worth noting that Rain Brown does not post to social media often. She’s out there living life instead, which is the way it ought to be!

As such, her last post was made two weeks ago as Alaskan Bush People Season 13 continued on. And it’s one of the most vulnerable posts Rain has ever made for her fans.

“BEE sure to tune into the next episode of @alaskanbushppl on @discovery channel at 8:00pm pst tonight! All jokes aside this was the most difficult episode my family has ever filmed, and many would question why we even bothered,” Rain captions the photo above.

“Actually the amount of people that were baffled that we wanted to continue working was astounding. But just like in his life all he wanted was to share his journey with you guys, even the bad times,” she says of her late father, Billy Brown. “Our show was his passion his dream and his life’s work, he put so much thought into making our everyday life something that could teach people and bring them closer to God.”

As Rain perfectly states: “That love for what we do was passed down to us, so we knew what we had to do, what the browns always do… Keep going, one wave at a time.”

One wave at a time, indeed.