‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Reveals She Temporarily Got Banned from TikTok

by Amy Myers

The Alaskan Bush People family has had quite a bit of controversy surrounding them over the years, but one member that has abstained from the drama has been the youngest sibling, Rain Brown. But fans wondered if this age of innocence came to an end when TikTok banned the 19-year-old from the service.

With over a billion users on the popular social media app, TikTok takes swift action whenever something fishy could be going on. So many have lost their privileges to the app because they didn’t meet “community standards” for one reason or another. However, as far as we’ve seen on the Alaskan Bush People star’s other social media accounts, Rain hasn’t ever been the subject of controversy.

Thankfully, as it turned out, the incident was just a misunderstanding. Apparently, TikTok thought that Rain’s account was fake. As a result, the Alaskan Bush People star spent weeks trying to prove that it was, in fact, her real profile. Eventually, the social media app revoked their block, and Rain could finally continue making clips for her fans. Unfortunately, it seems having to dispute mock accounts is just one of the consequences that come with being a reality star.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Uses Social Media to Talk About Bullying

Meanwhile, Rain has used her Instagram to address bigger issues that she has witnessed recently. According to the Alaskan Bush People star, she had received a disturbing amount of hate on one of her recent photos. This was only a few days after she received such positive feedback on the photos she posted from her brother’s wedding in January.

The negative comments mostly pertained to the fissures on Rain’s tongue. The condition is completely normal and harmless, but many of her followers felt they needed to say something about it.

“Please read: today I would like to talk about something serious,” Rain began her post. “I ran a experiment after the response I got after pictures of me at my brothers wedding was posted, so I posted just a normal selfie I took and sent to my friends, obviously it was met with a very different response, the negative comments were raised by 85% let’s think about that for a second.”

The Alaskan Bush People star assured fans that the negative comments that she received didn’t actually bother her. Instead, her concern lies with “others may have low self esteem or are lost in that moment, like I have been in the past. Especially when we are talking about things people can’t change such as our body’s, weird is BEAUTIFUL fat is BEAUTIFUL fit is BEAUTIFUL because you are BEAUTIFUL!”

She concluded, “I personally love my weird tongue, it’s something that makes me stand out, and I wouldn’t change it.”