‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Is Still a ‘Wild Child’ in New Photo

by Victoria Santiago

Rain Brown of Alaskan Bush People fame has been showing off her blonde locks on Instagram. The selfie is just one of many that Brown has recently posted. The star recently dyed her hair blonde.

Before that, it was brown. She’s shared a lot of snaps since then, and fans are quick to comment on her hair each time. On a previous post, one fan said “You look so different with blonde hair but it really suits you.” Another commented, “Girl, you look good as either a brunette or blonde! It doesn’t matter! You can TOTALLY rock each color! (I wonder how you’d look as a redhead…..)”

Rain Brown captioned her selfie with, “In case anyones wondering, yes I’m still a wild child #abp#rainbrown#leavemytoungealone.”

However, on this post, fans were commenting about a variety of other things. For once, it seems like Rain Brown’s hair is in the background of everyone’s mind. A lot of comments were laughing about her caption saying she was a wild child. Many fans were also wondering about what looked to be a tattoo on her hand. “Is that a hand tattoo” one fan asked, to which Brown replied with “yes ma’am.” She was barraged by comments on people wanting to see her ink up close.

People were also commenting on her nails, which usually aren’t visible in her selfies or even done. Still, other fans chose to comment on everything at once. One fan said, “Hair & nails couldn’t be any prettier…I’d love to see the ink.”

Rain Brown Stuns With Her New Hair, Transformation Takes Fans By Surprise

Fans of Alaskan Bush People know that the Brown family is not reliant on any modern-day comforts. During the show, we’ve seen Rain Brown grow up into the adult that she is today. Along the way, there have been some bumps and rumors, but it seems that she’s growing into her own person.

When she was 16, some fans even wondered if she was engaged. She had posted a picture of her dog and a ring was visible in it. Now, whenever she posts selfies with rings in them, she has to make sure to say that she’s not actually engaged. She’s just wearing a little bit of jewelry.

Her hair and nails journey is surprising to many, which is why there are always so many comments about her hair and nails. She first debuted her blonde look during a video promoting the season finale for Alaskan Bush People, and fans weren’t even focused on the show. Everyone was focused on her stunning change from brunette to blonde.