‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Teases Upcoming Season in Dirty-Jeans Photo

by Jon D. B.

With a portrait as beautiful as any Outsider could muster, Alaskan Bush People‘s Rain Brown is asking fans what they want to see from Season 13.

Get ready, Bush fans! The Browns will be back a whole lot sooner than we thought. On September 19, Alaskan Bush People returns with the highly-anticipated Season 13. Things will never be the same without patriarch Billy Brown, but the season’s dedication to the beloved father will carry on his legacy.

“Be sure to tune in to the ALL new season of Alaskan Bush People on discovery and discovery + 9/19/2021 on Sunday!!” posts his daughter, Rain Brown, on her official Instagram Monday.

“Tell me what your most excited about to see in the new season in the comments below,” she asks, before telling fans to “make sure to spread the word!”

“I’m excited to see you!! See the family, see their adventures!! They inspire me a lot! I dream of one day being there,” answers Alaskan Bush People fan Andy. Hundreds of answers follow and continue to pour in. Rain is, after all, as lovely as any Outsider comes:

“So glad to have the Brown family back, your Da would be so happy! Much love and prayers,” replies Alaskan Bush People fan Kat on Rain’s official Instagram.

Others, like follower Marcie, reply to Rain’s question more directly. Marcie wants to see the Browns “rebuild and do like your dad would love to see,” she comments.

“I hope to see a beautiful tribute to your Da!” echoes fan Danielle.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Dedicate Season 13 to Late Father Billy Brown

It’s a popular wish, with fans pouring in similar answers. “Seeing how much you guys have grown in spite of and because of the loss of your Da,” agrees follower Shannon.

“I’m just excited to [see] another season. Very happy they dedicated it to your father,” adds Alaskan Bush People fan Shaun.

Indeed, the world lost an Alaskan icon in Billy Brown this February after the reality star suffered a stroke. Now, the Browns continue their legacy in his honor – with a trailer for Season 13 dropping Monday, Sept. 6.

“The Browns rise from the ashes of a wildfire to face the loss of their beloved patriarch Billy Brown on a new season of #AlaskanBushPeople,” the show’s Instagram posts of the new trailer. “Watch the new season, which the family has dedicated to Billy, when it premieres on @discovery and @discoveryplus September 19. Learn more at Discovery.com/goodbyebilly.”

“Looking back, Dad knew his time in this world was coming to an end. And we can see now he was laying out a plan for us… Preparing us to achieve the vision,” Snowbird Brown reveals in the trailer, which you can watch here. “If only we understood his plan sooner,” she continues.

Yet it’s Rain’s own words that hit the hardest, as she reveals that her father, Billy, truly was her “best friend.”

“He was there for me like nobody else ever was,” she cries.

Catch the new, emotional season of Alaskan Bush People come September 19 exclusively on Discovery.