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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Updates Fans on Her Horse That Survived Wildfire

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Aykut Unlupinar/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

The Brown family from “Alaskan Bush People” have had a very tough year. Not only was their land engulfed in large wildfires that ripped across the family’s Washington ranch, their leader and patriarch passed away. This left the family grappling with how to carry on. However, a break of good news has come in recent days. Rain Brown recently shared a photo of her horse, North, who survived the wild fires and seems to be recovering well.

In a post on Instagram, Rain shared a video of the gorgeous animal as it fed from some hay. She explained that the horse is getting stronger each and every day.

“Hungry baby North is growing to be so strong and big, I’m so proud of my family for taking care of him and so thankful he made it out of that fire, come a long way from Da helping him take his first steps, he’s gonna be a great show horse #nsr #alaskanbushpepole #rainbrown #north #northstarranch #livinthedream,” the television star captioned the video.

While the “Alaskan Bush People” family have spent years building their North Star ranch in Washington state, a wildfire quickly destroyed the property last summer. Since that time, everyone in the family has been lending a hand to help pick up the pieces.

While they were restoring their property, the Brown family kept many of their animals in pens on other peoples’ land. Knowing what the animals meant to Billy Brown, it was the goal of the family to get the animals back up the mountain before the family leader passed away.

“Alaskan Bush People” Find Meaning After Billy Brown’s Death

Since his passing, repairing the ranch has given the “Alaskan Bush People” clan meaning and a purpose. They’ve been put to the test, restoring the property to honor what they know their father would have wanted.

“Da had been talking to everyone about the plan [to rebuild],” Billy’s son Bear told EW. “And then, Da’s passing just made us want to keep going with the dream, of course — trying to build up the ranch and get everything fixed. It gave us something to do instead of just sitting around and moping.”

He further added:

“We try and help [Mom]and stuff, but I’m not really much of a numbers, building guy. But it’s kind of nice having so much to do, to be honest, because it’s honoring Da as well. It was literally his last wish,” Bear continued. “His final dream, to continue building up the ranch and get it sustainable for generations of Browns to come — somewhere you can just live and not really depend on other people, except for your family.”