‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Raiven Adams Shares Adorable Photo of Son: ‘To Moon and Back’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Gerard Bottino/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

When it comes to Raiven Adams from “Alaskan Bush People,” the love she has for her son River is truly contagious.

Recently, Adams posted an absolutely adorable photo of her son on social media. It’s not a rare sighting on her Instagram, especially considering her username is “riv3rs_m0mma.”

The photo is very sweetly captioned, “I love you to the moon and back.” River is dressed in an adorable brown Carhartt jacket as well as what appears to be some killer bright blue cartoon animal pants.

Fans of the “Alaskan Bush People” crew were quick to swoon over the new picture of River. One fan also noted that the picture was posted on a special occasion in the family. “So cute on his grandpas birthday. Any pix of River and Billy?” Raiven Adams responded to this fan saying that Bear had posted some on his personal account.

Billy Brown was born on December 3 and sadly passed away on February 7 at the age of 68. His family continues to honor his legacy, both on the show and in their personal lives.

As for Bear and Raiven, there’s been almost too much drama to keep track of over the course of the last few years. As of recently, it appears the couple is in a good place. Despite talking about each other negatively over social media, both are now moving on from the drama and showing all their love for River.

Bear Brown posted a video on Instagram on November 21 (the season finale of “Alaskan Bush People” aired on this day) alongside Raiven and River. He was reminding fans to tune into the finale on Discovery. Sadly, his account is private after a series of family drama and the death of his father.

Bear and Raiven Help Fan During Holidays

Seeing as Bear and Raiven seem to be in good spirits, they decided to spread that love and joy to their “Alaskan Bush People” fans.

She shared a video on TikTok alongside Bear while the holiday song “Holly Jolly Christmas” played. They allowed fans until November 27 to share why they deserve some extra help around the holidays this year. Fans commented replies underneath the video.

They wanted to pick one person to deliver special gifts to them. The post got a lot of attention from fans, as well. The two announced that they selected two families already and just needed to hear back from one family.

Many fans were also quick to praise them for such a good deed and said they were happy to see the two of them together again. “God you two are awesome for this. Seeing you two together I hope it means y’all are a couple again,” wrote one fan.