‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Tour Their Alaska Homestead For First Time in 2015 Throwback

by Amy Myers

Back when the Alaskan Bush People actually lived in Alaska, the Browns pulled together to create a home that would suit the family of nine and fulfill patriarch, Billy Brown’s promise to his wife Ami. Previously, the family lived in a makeshift shelter, built from tarps and cords. They were in close quarters with each other, and with seven sons and two daughters, it was no longer enough. Using as much of the materials around them as they could, the family built the home of their dreams.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Built the Perfect Home

Typically, when we talk about dream homes, we think of Chip and Joanna Gaines putting up rows of shiplap in a two-story open-concept house. However, the Alaskan Bush People family had a different, more simplistic idea in mind for their new home.

First and foremost, they just needed a better barrier against bad weather and predators.

“Let the wind blow. Let the bears come. We’re ready,” wife and mother Ami Brown said.

Their new roof, though still covered with a tarp, uses wooden beams and boards. The walls, too, are much sturdier, and the family even raised the foundation on rows of logs to counteract any areal flooding.

The front of the house even has a small deck with a railing made from fallen branches. A small window lets in just enough natural light. That and the metal staircase outside are two of the few extra materials that the Browns didn’t cultivate themselves.

Upon entering the home for the first time, all eyes are on Ami. According to the Alaskan Bush People’s oldest daughter, Snowbird, Billy made a promise to her mother that he would build her a cabin in the woods, long before she was born.

“I am just so happy I can’t explain it,” Ami said, dressed in a thick, fur coat. “This is definitely the house of my dreams.”

The rest of the family is just as pleased with the final result. And most importantly, they have a permanent place they can call home.

“Looking around at what we did and what we achieved out here in the middle of nowhere, it feels good,” eldest Alaskan Bush People son Matt Brown shared.

Fulfilling Billy Brown’s Life-Long Dream

While the father of Alaskan Bush People, Billy Brown, of course, wanted to please his wife, the family’s new home also fulfilled a dream of his own.

He shared that it was hard to put into words just how much the accomplishment meant to him.

“We’ve had so many challenges to get to this day,” Billy expressed. “Thankfully, our faith carried us through.”

The father concluded that with a strong family, you can face any adversity, little by little, every day.