‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Allegedly Don’t Live on Washington Property, Rent Houses in Town

by Quentin Blount

For better or for worse, the Alaskan Bush People clan always seems to end up in the news. This time around, someone is claiming that the Discovery Channel stars don’t actually live on their mountain property.

It was just three years ago that the famous family spent $1.6 million to purchase four parcels of land in Washington state. That land was home to the Brown family’s 436-acre North Star Ranch. But has the family ever actually lived on their million-dollar mountainside property?

That answer would be no, according to one source who recently spoke to The Sun. They say that instead of residing at their property full-time, they rent homes in a town nearby.

“They rent down in Loomis, the kids rent, and so forth. Nobody lives up there,” the source said.

Perhaps the Brown family would be living at their North Star Ranch if it weren’t for some of the unlucky breaks they have had. Obviously, the death of patriarch Billy Brown back in February took a toll on everyone. But in addition to that, their new property has already been through a wildfire as well.

“The Browns tried to establish themselves up there and then the fire came a year ago and that’s why they were down in town. Things might have been different if there hadn’t been illnesses and that kind of stuff.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Only Half-A**ed Lived at North Star Ranch

On the newest season of Alaskan Bush People, we see our favorite cast members spending their time at the beautiful Washington property. But there are many people, including some locals nearby, who say that the family is only up there to film. They don’t actually live their full-time.

“The family come up and poke around up there, but their house was just getting finished and it’s hard to get permits to do stuff,” the source continued. “The house didn’t get burned, but some of the other assets did, other property they had on the land. They used to half-a** live up there, they’d go up and spend a while and then come down. They had no electricity, no water.”

The person speaking with The Sun said that the family was close to being ready to live up there but then their misfortunes hit.

They have a well now and a little generator, but they weren’t really set up. They were working that way but the fire came and then the old man died.”

Meanwhile, Billy and Ami Brown’s 26-year-old son, Noah, addressed critics who say that their off-the-grid lifestyle is fake.

“To set the record straight so that everyone can stop asking and speculating. The mountain is home, North Star Ranch is home,” he said. “The only reason that we are not on the mountain right now is because Rain and I personally lost everything in the Palmer mountain wildfire; so we are in a rent house until we can rebuild what we lost.”