‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Go Deer Hunting for Bear’s Wedding in New Video

by Amy Myers

The Alaskan Bush People have a tradition in which they cater all of their major events themselves. Back when they lived on a boat in Alaska, this meant fresh seafood. Now that they’re in Washington, more land-based game was on the menu.

Ahead of Bear and Raiven’s wedding in January, brothers Bam and Gabe took it upon themselves to bag a deer for the reception. So, they grabbed their regulation orange vests and their rifles and headed out into the thicket of their property.

The hunting trip looked promising at first. Despite Gabe’s admittedly loud breathing and clumsy footing, the Alaskan Bush People brothers managed to find some scat and even a deer trail. So, they followed the tracks through the woods, hoping to use the stalking method to find their game. While Bam gingerly stepped through the dry leaves and branches, calculating each next step, his little brother fumbled behind him. Gabe admitted that he wasn’t as experienced as his brother with hunting, calling his preferred tactic “dumb luck.”

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Brothers Make a Few Mistakes Along the Way

After ending up in their little sister’s backyard by mistake, the Alaskan Bush People brothers decided to change their strategy and instead try blind hunting. There was just one problem – they didn’t have a blind set up yet. But that didn’t stop them.

Somehow, along the way, they acquired a patio umbrella and used that as the roof of their blind. Though they tried to quietly crank open the umbrella, we know how sensitive the hearing of a deer is. Then, perhaps just as big of a fault, the two then began stacking branches to create a makeshift wall for them to sit behind. Likely, with all the commotion they caused, they scared away any hooved animals long before they settled in. Not to mention, the wood wall doesn’t provide any scent protection from the wind. One downward gust can alert deer a mile away of their presence.

To make matters even worse, Gabe soon discovered that his barrel was full of rainwater and dirt. With only a few hours of daylight left, their chances of bagging a deer were becoming slimmer and slimmer. As the day wore on, the younger Alaskan Bush People star became restless. Gabe began to entertain himself by imitating an English accent. Soon enough, the two decided to call it a day before they lost the last few minutes of sunlight.

Unfortunately for Bear and Raiven, that meant they wouldn’t have a deer for their reception, but as Gabe mentioned, they had plenty of goats on the ranch still. No matter what the Alaskan Bush People decided to serve, they were surely just happy to share the meal together.