‘Alaskan Bush People’ Stars Once Revealed How Many Marriage Proposals They Received From Fans

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Back when Alaskan Bush People first aired in 2014, fans couldn’t get enough of the wild and untameable family. At the time, none of the siblings wore wedding rings or were in committed relationships. As a result, each member of the Brown family had their own camps of crushes. While this is pretty typical for any TV star, by the end of Season 4 in 2016, the Brown family members were quite surprised when one fan asked just how serious these crushes were.

In a round of “Ask the Browns,” a couple of fans wondered how many people actually proposed to the various stars. Take a look at how they all answered the oddly personal question.

Fan Says Oldest ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Is ‘Dreamy’

The seven siblings break into groups to answer the question. First up were the two Alaskan Bush People sisters, Snowbird (24) and Rain (16).

“Strangely enough, we have gotten proposals,” Snowbird shared, “I have at least once which just seems kind of strange because they don’t even know me.”

Hopefully, Rain won’t receive anymore until she’s a bit older.

Meanwhile, their brother Bear (29) said he hasn’t had any in person. Bam Bam (34) cryptically reported that he’s received some fan letters.

“We’ll just leave it there,” Bam Bam told the camera.

Next up was the oldest Alaskan Bush People brother, Matt (36), but not before youngest brother, Noah (26) poked some fun at him.

Noah was hysterical as he read the question. He burst out laughing before could even read the fan-submitted query.

He hardly managed to get out, “Chris asks Matt how many people have proposed to him since the show started,” he paused, giggling once again, “considering how dreamy he is.”

Likewise, Gabe (29) laughed along. Matt, going along with the joke, pretended to dust off his fingertips.

“Shout out to the ladies,” he said. Then Gabe interjected with the truth.

“He’s actually gotten a lot of marriage proposals,” The Alaskan Bush People star reported. “It’s kind of sickening.”

Then, pretending his brother wasn’t next to him, he paid the “dreamy” sibling a compliment.

“He’s a pretty cool guy. I can see why he’s gotten a lot of marriage proposals,” Gabe shared. The middle brother said he didn’t think Matt kept an exact tally of the proposals in secret.

“It’s not like I have a cave hidden out here somewhere that carve one chalk mark on for every time somebody proposes,” the oldest Alaskan Bush People sibling said. After a second of thought, though, he added, “I might.”

“It’s just a shame for him that he can’t marry them all,” Gabe joked.

“I gotta sleep thinking of that every night,” His oldest brother said, throwing his hands in the air dramatically.